Sunday, 26 December 2010

Book Review: A Wallflower Christmas - Lisa Kleypas

I've been reading all four series of Wallflower girls by Lisa Kleypas. And when I saw this on the bookstore oneday before christmas, I just simply can't resist it!
I've been planning to find some books related with christmas, so I could feel the joy and such.. :)
I eventually finish reading this book on the same day.. December 24th..

The Story
It's not about the 4 wallflower girls.. But about Lilian and Daisy's brother, Rafe.
Rafe was the only son of Bowman family, and so the father, Thomas was very hard at him.
Rafe had refuse all his father's will, and he step up, made his own business, and succeed.
But one day, he had to go to England, find a wife, as it is his father's will to have Natalie, a daughter of blue-blood, Blandford family as his daughter-in-law. If Rafe failed to marry her, then he won't get the opportunity to have the Bowman's England business.
On the effort to know Natalie better, Lilian invite Hannah (a poor cousin, who is Natalie's chapperone) for a tea.
During the meal, however, Rafe feels interest in Hannah. In the other hand, Hannah never approve Rafe as Natalie's husband-to-be. She think as an American, his culture are diifferent, he's ungentle, weird and not-appropriate for her beautiful and charming cousin, Natalie. But at the same occasion, Rafe showed how he would treat something that blocks his way.
The kiss between Rafe and Hannah is a changing moment for both of them.
For the Christmas time, Lilian planned to have a party. All the wallflowers are there.. Lilian (and her husband ofcourse), Daisy (and her husband Marcus), Evie, and Anabelle. During the events, Rafe found out more about Hannah, and knew that he couldn't marry anyone but her. Hannah, found out that beside Rafe's outrangeous manner, he's just a simple, lonely man. They soon found they love eachother. The wallflower help Hannah preparing for the dinner, giving her their maid, pearls, gloves, and simply showed their cares for the new addition to the wallflower group. Hannah looks adorable for the dinner, she's decided to tell Rafe how she felt, but the dinner is ready and the Bowman family and Blandford famliy are prepared to tell the happy wedding news to everyone.. The news is brought up, a wedding is set..
Natalie, being broken hearted, run away from the dining hall... and cried out, feeling too late to tell her feelings to Rafe..
Or is it??

My comment
It was a pleasure reading more stories about wallflowers. I do love the appearance of Hunt and Sebastian, kind of remind me to their stories, and make me wanted to re-read it :)
However, the story is a bit classic, so the ending is not so predictable.
I've always love a historical romance, and Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite in this particular topic.
I love the christmas setting, and i could simply imagine how Lilian with her passion being jealous at her husband. How Evie and Annabelle tried to force Lilian away from all the sewing activities.
I'm drawn into the Charles Dicken's christmas ghost stories when Hannah told the story to the kids.
I laugh hardly reading a boy manage to stole Thomas's wig and put it on the christmas tree.
I cried reading Lilian telling Hannah about Rafe's soldier toy story..
I just simply love the characters.
Except for Thomas Bowman's character.. But then, without him as a bad father, the story won't be complete.. :)
I'm ready for my christmas!!

For Sol

I knew how you'ld love to see some sneak peak of singapore..
So I made this short slide-show for you.. Take a look.. :)


Music: Imagine - David Choi - youtube cover..

P.S. Esplanade theatre is the place that David sings last year, and he also manage to go to the night Safari, and also the Merlion in Sentosa.. Check out more details at his Singapore Video, i think he have 10-11 videos :)

Have a great new year!

Thursday, 16 December 2010


This is a photo-slide of stanford university. Stanford is a very good university, and I'm thankful for getting the change to be there..
Hope someday I could go there again.

Photos: by me and my friends
Songs by: David Choi

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Wongfu Production: Too fast

Too Fast by Wong Fu Production
Philip Wang, Ted Fu, and Wesley Chan..

These guys started making movies from colleges. They met at UCSD, and made movies with their friends, basically for their school projects... Now, they already graduated, moved to LA, and continue their dream. They have millions subscribers!
They produced two big movies, A moment with you (sorry, no link provided, it's only on dvd, and sold out), and the newest and booming one, Agent of Secret Stuffs (35 minutes), starred by @therealryanhiga..

So today, they upload a new short video, titled Too fast..  Check it out, here!
It's basically made for Subaru..
Starred by Randall Park (a well known comedian in LA) and his wife :)

A guy, named Brandon..
Since he was a kid, he done everything fast!!
 When his father explained that after this, his body will start change etc.. He changed!! :D



This happen all the times, in friendship, and even in relationship!
This is Kelly, a girl that he likes..
On their first date

He porpose her on the night! And 8 days later, they're married and got kids!
Conclution: too fast is not always good..

My comment:
Hmm.. This is weird.. :)
Okay, the story doesn't make any sense (ups.. sorry..)
I would still recommend this, if you are bored, and need some laugh..
Randall's expression was super! And his laugh is contagious!!

 I also loves his wife's expression.. :D

Seeing this 3 minutes clips, made me wonder, did Wongfu put enough effort on the story line.. As written on their blog, they did the shots in 2 days, edited in 1 day.. But for these little and rushed time, it is quite good~~
Seeing from the bloopers, they actually did quite well with the details.. I heard Ted's voice directing the actors on their gestures, and also words.. Guessed all directors are perfectionist :p
Anyway, it's quite entertaining.. At least I laugh a lot during these 3 minutes.. And it was a good laugh :D
Check out others videos by wongfupro, at their youtube channel!

Note: All pictures are courtesy to Wongfu Production

Friday, 10 December 2010

Book Review: Same Kind of Different As Me

I just realize I haven't post the review for this book..
I read this book at August 2010, during my 6 hour trip from SF to LA.
So I thought this book will be a nice one to read.. Guess what..
Oh well.. My friends all were suprised coz of a sudden, i cried.. :(
Story line:

The story is about two man and a woman that changes their life, one white man and his wife, also one black man.. It was described in two point of view, so it's kinda interesting..
Ron Hall is a wealthy international art dealer who travels the world buying and selling rare and expensive works of art. He has grown rich and so also grown selfish and has grown away from his family.
One time Ron Hall reluctantly volunteers at a homeless shelter (at the insistence of his wife).
He soon comes into contact with Denver, a man his wife is convinced is going to change the city.

Denver grew up as a sharecropper in Louisiana, living a life that seemed little different from the life of his ancestors one hundreds years before. He eventually walked away from the cotton fields and found that, while life on the streets of Fort Worth was difficult, it was easier than being a sharecropper.

It was here, in a homeless shelter, that the two men met, one serving food and the other being a reluctant recipient of this charity.
The idea from Deborah, Ron's wife is that Ron could serve the evening meal once a week, and we'd be in and out in three, four hours maximum.
They will minister from behind the rusty steel serving counter, safely separated from the customers.
They will enter and leave through the rear kitchen door, to minimize contact with those likely to hit them up for money. The whole arrangement seemed like a good way for them to fulfill Deborah's desire to help the homeless without our touching them or letting them touch us.
So Ron met Denver, and became interested in this man. In other hand, Denver tried to avoid all kind of cares shown by Deborah and Ron. But at the end, they manage to be good friend.

One thing that I remember is that when Denver said to Ron, if he becomes his friend, it is forever. WOW!
They began to show the respect and admiration to each other, teaches others (also me) about life.. They have different types of life, high class, and lower one.. But it attracts each others! And noted, it's a real story guys!
What made me cried most is when Deborah got sick and eventually died, and Ron thought his friendship with Denver will also died. But how Denver showed that he care, and he do care.. well, it's so warming my heart! :D

In conclution, this is a warm novel, should read it, then you'll feel blessed for what you have. It will change our perspective to live.. :D

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Jubilee Project: The Waiting Game


These people loves making videos..
They also loves to make difference..
So.. They made VIDEOS for GOOD CAUSE!

By watching their videos, we're actually taking a part in donating, and ofcourse helping others..
So, share the news, share the links..

Oh, and you can be the donator also.. Just sign up here!

Even the videos which is sort of documenter (reporting the jubilee project, the wedding documentation, etc).. It all came out with a purpose, and you also can participate.. :)

Follow their twitter, @JubileeProject! And also on TheJubileeProject's facebook!!

I previously wrote a review on their Love Language! Check it out!!

Another video from The Jubilee Project which I like is...
The Waiting Game

Check the video at:

Story line:

A guy asking her girlfriend to meet up, promised he won't be late again.

She waited him in the park..

And at the time promised,
He didn't showed up..


32 minutes passed the meeting time..

And he's not there!!
Where's the man???

Well he did tried to go there.. But he just realize that he bring no money, so he had to run!!

Is he too late?

She's gone.. He's actually going to propose!!! *hint: I saw a ring :p

Did she left??
Check out what happen to them, here, at youtube!

*p.s. you have to watch it till the very end!

My personal comment
I love watching their videos actually, coz they have a message in all their videos..
I thought there are two  strange things.. :)
  1. When the man first called, it's as if he didn't really rushed into the meeting place.. If lets say I'm having a meeting, I'll tried to go to the place directly, so, I'll probably ended up with talking on the phone and walking :)
  2. The meeting place! Is it just me or the girl is already there? Maybe it would be a bit make sense if the first scene is not on a fountain.. Hmm.. probably somewhere else would be better?
  3. Whyyy when he late, he didn't text her??? :(
On the contrary, I love this video due to several reasons. The scripts is actually very nice :) I love the small details, like when the man bought flowers, and when he was in hurry, he give a flower to the "sesame street figure" (was it elmo? i forgot the name).. And I love the script because it's unexpected :) At first my heart broke seeing that the man late.. But seeing his running, and tried to manage being there.. Make me melt :D
Also when he finally arrived, but the girl is gone!! Hwaaaa!! I want to shout out loud!! Whyyyy!!!
Seeing that his trying to porpose (at least in my opinion, he's going to do so!).. huhu.. noooo...
But then, I watch till the end.. And the ending :) make me smile.. Totally made my day..

Overall.. This clip is a sweet romance video.. I guess this is The Jubilee Project's style.. Looking forward for their next video :)

Note: All photos are courtesy of The Jubilee Project.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Picture collages of WESley chan from Wongfu Productions

The title says it all..

Wesley Chan is one of the member of WONGFU PRODUCTION..
You can check their website at:

Several of his scripts are filmed, and in my personal opinion, the scripts are aWESome..
He also design some of the AREYOUANICEGUY t-shirt.
Not to discredit Philip Wang or Ted Fu, I do think THREE of them did a GREAT job!
Phil has his own role, he's more of the spokeperson of wongfu, and the name wongfu was also based on Phil's nickname :) (source: WongFu's old site)
Ted is the more-mature more-logical guy.. I think He's the tech guy :)
I'll make a collage photos of Phil and Ted next time..
But this week, I wanted to appriciate Wes :) Sorry Phil, Ted.. :)

I'm looking forward for more of Wes's scripts, and ofcourse more WONGFU VIDEOs!!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Jubilee Project : Love Language

These people loves making videos..
They also loves to make difference..
So.. They made VIDEOS for GOOD CAUSE!

By watching their videos, we're actually taking a part in donating, and ofcourse helping others..
So, share the news, share the links..

Oh, and you can be the donator also.. Just sign up!
Even the videos which is sort of documenter (reporting the jubilee project, the wedding documentation, etc).. It all came out with a purpose.. :)
Follow their twitter, @jubileeproject! And also on TheJubileeProject's facebook!!

Here is the link for their latest fund-raising..

The title is the Love Language..

Brief storyline..

A guy, seeing a girl sitting on a bench.. He's actually interested in her..
But she's reading, and listening to music with her earphone..
He started to make a move, by asking her for a pen..
She gave it, yet still listening to her earphone..

Next day..
He sit on the bench.. Waiting for the girl..
She's no where to be seen.. Until...
She finally showed up..
And still with her earphones on!
He asked her, what she's listening to..
And she didn't say a word..
Then he got an idea!
He wrote it on a post-it!

And she replied "a special song"
He ask her "Can I listen to it?"
She wrote back "No, I'm embarassed"
Anddd... They keep on writing notes...

Until one day..
She ask him "Do you want to listen to my song?"
He wrote "I'ld like that"
And he was surprised when he heard the earphone..

Check out their video!
The ending is indeed adorable.. :)
I'm sure you'll love it!

My personal comment:This is a so-called "so-sweeeeeet" love story!
From the first time, I thought the guy was a bit creepy.. The pick-up line is ehem.. a bit old.. haha..
Anyway, it works! :D
Watching the progress on how they become close, it is so adorable!
I love the details like how they communicate with post-it paper.. However, if I am the guy, I'ld probably think, "hey.. what's wrong with this girl, why she doesn't even want to talk or put off her earphone when she's talking to me? I thought we're already close??"
Anyway, I feels sympathy when the girl finally trust the guy, and let him hear the music she's been listening to. And was shocked to know that there's no sound.. But in my little mind, i said "i knew it!"
Anyway, I SUPER-LOVE the ending.. so cute ^^
I thought, well yea, sometimes it is hard to have a problem like deaf, mute, blind, or even if you're broke your feet during a sport game and got a limp.. :( People sometimes didn't even care!!
This short clip reflects.. "we should see the inner beauty, not only outside appearance, or the cover"
Yea, it's hard.. But.. At least if we try, maybe we can change the world?
And it's good to know, that JubileeProject care :)
P.S. I also love their other video, and wrote a review for the Waiting Game.. 
Check my review out here!

Note: All photos are courtesy of  The Jubilee Project.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Beloved People.. :)

From the top, Going to Stanford and joining the NEMS, give me the honour to know and befriends with several nice people.. Shinta, Indra, Maria, June, Licar, Jess.. I'm so happy to know you guys.. We'll make more memories, I'm sure, and I'm looking forward for it!

Middle-Bottom.. Photos of a very great friends..
These 4 years, I've been living in Surabaya, study hard, and ofcourse playing hard..
These people are awesome!!
Carissa, Wina, Titin, Sam, Love, Sil, Agnes, ko Willy, ko Yur, ce Ipol..
Love y'all.. Don't miss me!!

Agent of secret stuff

It's better to be late than never...

Agents of Secret Stuff..

This is the new movie done by wongfu production
I've been waiting for a looong time.. And they did the premier on 23rd November, and post it on youtube the next day, 24th. Check out the official trailer: here!
Psttt... I felt inlove from the first time.. :p

Anyway, it was 25th at 4 pm (noted that singapore is 16 hours ahead of CA now), and i'm kindda awake suddenly.. Realizing that the movie should be out soon (coz u wait since the night before), I tried to check online.. Then puff.. Suddenly someone tweeted that the movie is out..

My phone's signal is really bad and it took like forever to see it..
So I openned my laptop (totally bad idea if you want to sleep again), and check out the full video..
Clik here to watch Agent of Secret Stuff

It's been viewed by more than 3 MILLION people.. THREE MILLION! SUuuuPer!!

So a bit summary, the story is about Aden (it's ryan @therealryanhiga, check out his twitter), a guy who's waiting for being and ASS (yea, ASS - Agent of Secret Stuff). And his last job, which will give him the ASS title, is to save a girl, named Taylor (Arden Cho @arden_cho).. Aden never had a normal life before.. I mean, all he know was how to be an ASS.. So he's kindda weird!! See some prove of his weirdness in these photos..

Yea... It's Ryan!! Check out Ryan's other youtube videos here!

Anyway, Aden started to learn.. How to trust, make friends, and such..
He also learnt to ride a bike!

And the love is in the air!! It was before the prom night, and Aden is too shy to ask Taylor out.. He's just joking around.. And suddenly Melvin (@d_Trix) showed up, and ask Taylor for a prom date..
Aden is jealous, suddenly he see, a blade coming out from the rose that Melvin gave.. Aden tried to save Taylor, by knocking Melvin.

Taylor is totally pissed of! She just can't take it anymore.. She choose to leave Aden, and accept Melvin!
Aden started being frustrated, questioning what was his life for and such..
Until he sees that the rose really had a blade!!
He has to save Taylor.. But how?? Is it too LATE????

Check out the full movie here!

IT is totally WORTH IT!! :D

My comment:
I can't stop laughing at the early scenes!! Ryan did well, infact, he looks like an ALIEN!! :D
Arden? Looks great.. She looks adorable.. And i love the fighting scenes..
d_Trix? He's totally geek.. Sorry! But it means your acting is good, right?

My most fav scene:
1. The badminton
2. When Aden learnt to ride a bike, -and fell off- :p
3. The fighting scene.. D_Trix!! Ryan!! Arden!! good job!!
4. The dance, and the kiss! :)

1. Philip's appearance -- a bit weird :p LOL

Anyway, keep on making video guys!! :D

Notes: all photos are courtesy to Wongfu Production and Ryan Higa

Monday, 22 November 2010

Review: SuitCASES-silent theatre by the Finger Player's

So I found this performance online at:

And they said "a silent performance".. (What's that suppose to mean??? How can a theatre performed silently!)

Anyway, I never went to a theatre before, only school performance, and wouldn't consider it as a true theathre experience..
Looking at their website, and finding out that this particular company "the Finger Players" are a non-profit organization, and they have got several awards, my curiousity arised.
I thought "WOW! This is should be perfect for a first experience!"
So, I booked the tickets for their main season. FYI, they only have 2-3 season a year, which each is 2/3 days performance only. And I went for the show at 29 Oct.
Here is the link to their youtube clip :)

It was held on Singapore National Library, 5th floor. At first I thought not many people will love this kindda thing. But I was wrong! They only have around 100 seats, which I would say 90%occupied, I wasn't sure that the seats at the back are full, it was too dark.

So the show begin
And.. The lights are off! There are four women, dressed in white raincoat, and their faces covered liked geisha (traditional japan entertainmer woman). It was quite scary for me, as the music is like the horror movies..
I thought "DANG, is it a horror theatre? what a way to start!"
But than, I thought I've paid 31sgd, and so I confinced my self to be brave and to enjoy..

The story
As I said these four women, represent a traveller. Each of them has Suitcases.
As the prologue, these travellers build the city, a little by little, in ritualistic and mechanical motion (this is a bit creepy for me).. Till I realize, Man, they're trying to build singapore as background!

The story was separated into four parts:
1. Sense of Belonging

The first traveller, open her raincoat, and open her suitcase. Inside was a red ballon. She then held the red ballons. It represent child's playing and a person face. She kisses the ballon, and the ballon is creativelly used to create graceful momentum. She dance with the red balloon, sensually, as the expression of a raw desire. But then she becomes too violent, and the ballon exploded into small pieces, which with a great sorrow, she gathers, and then she put her raincoat again, and become anonymously.
2. Evolution
The second traveller, attemps to impress other travellers. But all she got was rejection, and humorously expressed by unexpected use of dialects by the other travellers. With a despair, the traveller rolls up her shirt, revealing a face-like thing on her belly, a bit strange-green hues, and scar tissue texture (gross!)..
This face narrates a story of creation theory, using puppet to express the beginning of Being, the propagation, and its development which led to self-distruction. Then the Being exploded into particles, and waiting to be assembled again.
(After the show, i just know from my friend, that it actually echoes the current situation of global warming!)
Then the focus is back on the traveller. She earns the companionship of the puppet of the original being. (It was a great form of art, I couldn't describe how I feel, I love the soundtract, it really set the atmosphere!)
3. Revolutionary Change
The third part tells about breaking out of meaningless life routine. Represented by the third traveller, trying to adapt into life, by study, working, having fun, eating, sleep, study, working, etc.. Until one time, she feels enough and doubts the purpose if such life routine. This challange the other travellers from being a teacher-like, to a police like, with their batons who force her to go back into the routines. This confrontation is expressed in a puppet, showing up from her suitcase, with a scary face, half safety dummy, half eyeballs with flesh. (It was again so abstract, hard for me to describe, but the light and shadows were giving great atmosphere as well).
4. Hidden Ailments
The final chapter, is about a traveller, which has a bad body odor. Others tried to clean her up, brutally! Failing to remove it, they tried to stuff her into a suitcase! Or other word, they refuse her, and ask her to go back to her origin. The traveller breaks down, cried. With despair, she bares a scar on her chest (for me, it looks similar to the secont traveller). Seeing this, the other travellers, put out ther raincoat, and reveal their own ugly (disquisting) outgrowth to each other, and they extabilish bond. (In my opinion, it represent that we all have ugly thing, and we sometimes tried to hide it. Then in this case, they can know each others' ugliness, being open toward other and befriend)

The closing
They ceremoniously hang up their raincoats, and happily standing together with their new friends, under the singapore's rain..

What I feel after the show
This was a great theatre to start! It makes me think during the show, and I tried to catch up all things happening on the stage.. I love their acts, and the music create great atmosphere. My friends, Singaporean, said that it indeed reflected Singapore's life, how heavy the pressure from the community, etc.
Overall, It was great! I'll be looking forward to their upcoming shows.. And also other theatre performance as well

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Our Problems vs GOD

In live we sure have something to worried..
School, bills, debts, friends, parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, boyfriend, girlfriend, and many others.
It's simply just because we're human, and we do think a LOOOOT of those things..
I my self have a lot in my mind, but this picture below blessed me!!

What we have to do is simply BELIEVE.

As seen above, He has ask to carry our problems. It's our response that will determine the result..

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

September Babies

October is coming!!

It's 29 September, 2010, 00.14 am, and i'm still online!! haha
I have so many friends born in this month.. Few days ago, Shinta one of my new-best-friend, celebrate her birthday here at NTU.. Boy, we did surprise her!!
We bought a tiramisu cake, and knock rudely at her door, and sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" loudly.. lucky no one at grad hall complaint.. haha..
Then we eat!!

Next in Line is my best-friend Carissa, born on 26. I thought I'ld miss her b'dae this year as she's back there in Indonesia, while I'm here at Singapore. But God's soooo good to me, ehm, to us.. Guess what, she got the changes to go here, and we met at 27th. So me, and Samuel, bought a cake, and actually planned to surprise her.. Unluckily, when me and Sam are texting (planning on the surprise), she saw the text message!! I'm so embarassed.. haha.. Anyway, the cake is so delicious.. :D

Coming next on 30 is Samuel.. Yes Samuel the one i just mentioned above.. haha..
We did something special for him this year. We celebrate his birthday yesterday on 28!
He didn't expect it ofcourse, and looking at his face when he open his room door was FANTASTIC! I can't stop laughing, so from 7 of us, only 2 able to sing, while, me, I laugh all the way.. haha.. sorry sam!
He's like, stunned, unable to even say something.. haha..
anyway, we had early dinner.. Eat noodles and KFC.. I miss KFC!! haha..

Birthday are FUN!!
Happy birthday to my dearest friends, and to all september babies out there..
Wish u had a great birthday, celebrated with great families, or friends, or people who cares about you!! :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Living in NTU

Almost 2 weeks I'm here..
Staying at the grad hall, in a single room..
I'm comfortable here..
Room's great, food's okay, friends are great..
My sister is here, so i could hijack her room whenever i want and she's fine with it..

The thing that i don't like is just my own schedule
the course's time is not comforting..
Monday 11.00-12.30
Tuesday 09.30-10.30 followed by 18.30-21.30
Wednesday 11.00-12.30 followed by 13.00-17.00
Thursday 11.00-12.30
Friday 09.30-10.30

Also got a lab, the wednesday one.. had to do the prelab before class, and had to hand in the final report on friday.. life is so challenging!!

but I'm sure I CAN DO IT!!!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Stanford summer session is over

Today stanford summer session that i'm taking is over. Got two exam, one at 9 am, one at 3.30 pm.
The first one is still okay. The second one, i just gonna leave it to God.. :)
Hmmm.. 8 weeks passed sooo fast!! I recall the first week, still getting used to everyone..
Now I don't know what I feel..

I just know, stanford is indeed a good university, i love the lectures, i just hate that i have to take all the exams.. can i just sit in class, and not taking any exam, and passed? hehe.. (P.S. I noted some of you might have question about life in stanford during summer session, leave me a comment down there, i'll reply asap)

My lecturer.. Are all very unique.. Sandy, very funny when he bump his head with his hand.. we can hear the sound, very loudly.. hahaha.. Craig, one of the nicest lecturer i ever know. he is very interesting, can make the lesson more understandable.. Derek, what can I say.. he's so cool.. and he did succeed in making me interested in the rivers, streams, and canals.. ;) Royal.. He help a lot on the project, and indeed he's one of the most supportive lecturer..

The TA.. what can i say.. Jun Hee, she's nice, her english is a bit hard to understand (it's my lack of knowledge, definetly not her fault). She's so helpful, but sometimes did wrong calculation on problem session.. maybe she's nervous because a nice girl like me is there? hahaha.. Xindu, also nice guy, but not much interaction as the office hour is in sunday. I mean, helloo, sunday?? office hour?? anyway, he's nice. Liana, one of the attractive person! Derek is fun, Liana is also fun!! She's the type of supportive, looks to be happy almost all the time. Never join her problem session, so can't give much comment. Todd, no prob session ofcourse, but he's so detailed! Which is good by the way, as our paper really got many minor typo. MANY!! haha.. felt sorry that he actually had to corrected all those 18 pages typos.. hahaha..

My mark? Forget it.. What's done is done.. hahaha

My room? Nice, a bit cold, but blanket does help a lot!!

My roommate? wonderful! She's so smart, and not lazy like me.. hehe.. she also wake up very early and i did feel blessed, she makes sure i'm awake on the last final exams! Thanks!!!

My classmates? Fun!! I did meet looots of interesting people. I hope at NTU we'll get to know each other more :)
I am going to have FUN in NTU forsure!!! :P

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Learning to Cook

After almost 6 weeks here,
I started to learn cooking.. finally.. hahaha..
Luckily I have 3 friends, who voluntered them selves to be my experiment bunny (thought they're just lazy to cook.. hahaha..).. I'm so grateful that they agreed to taste it..
Things I managed to cook:
1. Spinach soup with prawn
2. Sauted Pok Choy with garlic
3. Noodle+prawn+pok choy
4. Scrambled egg tofu
5. Fried prawn
6. Soup : chicken+beans+tofu+garlic

I just cook the simple simple simple things, as I said I could not cook.. hahaha
I hope I'm getting better at cooking :P

Sunday, 18 July 2010

New York Mets vs San Francisco Giant, my first baseball game

I just come back from AT&T park, watching the baseball game..
Tonight it was NewYork Mets vs San Francisco Giant..

As you can see, we sat at third floor, section 5.. almost the highest..

I love the view!!!

I wasn't familiar with baseball. Played it on my elementary school..
But watching these game, feeling the atmosphere, and how the crowds loooove the giants...
I suddenly became a giant fans!! :)

Today, the Giants win.. They made some homerun, and some great catch!!!
This is the view of the At&T park after the game ended..

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Review: Wonders Never Cease, A Novel by Tim Downs

I just received this book from Booksneeze..
At first time, I thought this would be a nice novel to read if I have the time..
But after starting 2 chapters, I know I have to finish it, and I did finish it in a day! :)

The story is about ex-movie star, Olivia Hayden, who's at the hospital. One of the nurse, named Kemp, tried to make a fortune. He, along with Olivia's agent, and also a publisher, managed to make a scheme, so Olivia will believe that she's choosen by angel to pass a message-by making a book!

During the whole manipulation process, Kemp's girlfriend's daughter, named Leah, got involved. And she claimed to see a real spirit.. Who's that??? No one believed that Leah actually sees angel. . Natalie, her mother got confused as the school started to feel that Leah got a mental problem..

Lots of entertaining chapters happen, especially because involving money, celebrities and mystical things, and the ending is a bit unpredictable..
I didn't really feel deep about how the characters.. But I love the twist, it's a bit shocking, because I assume that at the end Olivia will realize, or Kemp and his team got caught, or something like that.. Anyway, I think Tim Downs set a great ending for this novel. And still leaving me with curiousity.. Is there an angel for real outside there :)

I'm looking forward for the next novels by him..

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

The NEMS student from stanford visited Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.
This place was located about 25 minutes from stanford university.
One thing I could say, this place is really cool.

This is the main building, and it is very efficient. Nearly 0 carbon emission!!

The class room have a blower, so they will heat the room for an hour or two before the class started, and after they start, the blower is turned of. The student's body heat is used to maintain the room temperature! Less electricity! Nice..

Then we also went to the reservoir..

They are not used as Stanford's drink source, but only used as a backup for firefighter.. The main problem is a lot of sediment there! So the capacity is lower than it supposed to be.. And there were problems about fish and birds habitat..
But the dam was great. Build around 1882, but still exist now, even after earthquakes!!
And also there's a cool tree.. This place was used as a recreational area. The picture you see below show a tree, where there was a sign nailed to it..
And see how the tree feels about it!! The holes are getting smaller each year!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Food in the states

For me as an asian girl, food is one of my major concern while studying in the state..
I've been here for almost 2 weeks, and junkfood seems to be the easiest and cheapest food :D
So, I've been eating many different junkfood, some of it are:
-> Jack in the box (there's one near Stanford)
-> Subway (at Tresseder Union, Stanford)
-> McD
-> Burger King
-> California Pizza

I do love to eat junkfood in Indonesia..
But, it's now a bit too much, the portion is waaay to big for me.. Next time I eat junkfood I definetly will take the kids meal :p
I miss Indonesian food!!! :p

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Last week I just arrived to San Francisco.. It's summer here, but I still feel very cold..

The airport was so big, compared to Indonesia..They even have many separate building for the parking lots.. Here I took photo of one of it..

I've been in Stanford for almost 2 weeks.. Here I upload some pictures of Stanford..

What I like most about Stanford is that they've very environmental friendly..
Look at the picture at me and my 2 friends (Sam and Indra)
The building at our back, is a cool building.. This building is the place where we have classes during our program.. Will tell the details on my next post..

Monday, 7 June 2010

It's done!

My final assignment is finally done!

It's really all by His grace. never thought it would be finish in time, but Hey! I've got a big God! :)

So.. This week will be a busy week, trying to finish all the administration at college, and then next week.. another journey shall begin.. Horrayyyyyyyy!!!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Give Thanks

This week's sunday kids service has put "Give thanks" as the main theme.

I know how hard it is to give thanks. And even in kids' eyes, it will be harder to give thanks.

When I said the theme was about giving thanks in everything, a kid spontaneously said "hah.. no way! if momma angry at me, should I laugh? if I get a red mark on my exams, should I smile? If my friends said something that pissed me, should I be calm and just relax? I'm not crazy!!"
As the kid has said, there could be dilemas to give thanks.
Well.. In my opinion, that's a simple truth. Giving thanks is easy when things go as what we wanted to. When things are out of our plans, it WILL be hard to give thanks.
But the question is WOULD WE STILL GIVE THANKS? It's not only the matter of what people think about us, not about what other people do, it is about WHAT WE DO. What our RESPONDs are.

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to THE HOLY ONE
Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His Son..

The first step to give thanks, is by realizing that Jesus has take the first step to save us. We've given the chance to be saved, and knowing Him is one of the biggest miracle. Then, give thanks for the air we breath freely, thanks for the sun shining brightly, thanks for our family, thanks for the chance of living yet another day in our life..
There are lot more reasons to give thanks.. Let's start the day with speaking with Him.. NOW!
Thanks God!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


I'm soooo afraid..

May is coming so soon, and should have done the final assignment before that. Then there's the exams.. After that June's coming.. Time to leave surabaya..


Afraid of missing my crazy, geje n lovely friends.. Afraid of missing my beloved Surabaya University..
Afraid of forgetting wonderful moments I've got in this city..

Afraid of moving to Stanford and Singapore.. Afraid that I can't do the course well.. Afraid of making new friends.. Oh God..

So many things that I'm afraid of.. Hmmmphhh...

I know for sure, where ever I am, He's there for me. And I also know I would definetly miss my iritating, irressistable, and yet unforgetable friends.. I love them so much, as much as I love my family :)

I must be thankful.. This oportunity is given to me, and I will do my best..

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Always - Kirk Franklin

I was down at the moment, and went to church as usual.
It was the easter ceremony, and the choir starts to sing. I don't usually go too early.
Just once or twice saw the choir coz I'm usually a bit late.
But that day, I went earlier (or perhaps they started a bit late than usual)..
And the choir had just start to sing this song: ALWAYS - (originally by Kirk Franklin)

You know I've had some lonely days
I've made mistakes and had to pay
I've had some friends who walked away
Just like mama told me

But there's someone who's love is real
Who cares about the way I feel (I know you feel)
Every pain that erase every stain
There's peace when I call out Your name

Jesus You're my everything
The cross You did that just for me
So whatever You take me through
I promise You
I'll spend my always with You

No one can touch my heart like You
or make me smile the way You do
I finally found someone who
who really truly loves me

And when my strength has come and gone
Your life in me it makes me strong
Your hand is where my heart belongs
You took all my pain
And erased every strain

Jesus, You're my everything
The cross You did that just for me
So whatever You take me through
I promise You
I'll spend my always with You

Jesus, my whole life has changed
Since the day I cried Your name
For everytime You brought me through
I promise You
I'll spend my always with You

This song was sung along with a flash video from donghaeng. The story about 3 people, asking a pastor to babtize them. And they told the pastor how they've walked to be there. How they read at the bible that Jesus ask them to bring their cross. They DID MAKE a small cross, and CARRIED it on their back! The pastor cried. They said, Jesus has done it for us, and it's now our time. "pastor, would you babtize us?". The pastor cried, then hug them, and said "of course"

I thought about my ups and downs, and realize at those time, I usually forgot HIM! When the choirs sing the verses, I started to cried, as I sing along.. What ever You take me through, I promise You, I'll spend my always with You.. Spend my always with You..

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What I think of.. My Sister's Keeper

Movie title: My sister's keeper

I've never read the book, so I don't know the whole story.. I do interested at the book, but I've got no many times to read it.. So I decided to watch the movie instead..
For me, Cameron Diaz acts beautifully. I really thought that she was a horible mom, but at the same time, a very loving mom.. She could show well, how she only thought for her eldest daughter, and seems to forgot her other children, but yet she loved them all.. And Abigail Breslin's role also made me curious.. What have she thought by doing the set-up play with her sister.. and I really felt how deep they love each other.. The biggest appreciation should go to the writer.. Too bad it's a fiction.. :) But couldn't imagine how if it's a true story either..

I thought the film a bit boring.. The beginning of the movie is rather slow, but I guess it's because of the details added to show the background.. I got surprised by the ending, knowing that it's all a play set up by two kids, and yet the whole family got a bit shocked.. I could say that if you're looking for a bit of drama, or if you want to cry a bit, you should watch this movie..

Overall, this movie gave a lesson to me, how to appriciate other, meaning that even though a kid, could have feeling.. We should also consider what they thought, and not only ours even though we're older. The mom in this movie, is probably thinking for her daughter's best, but is it what her daughter really want? Well, same things could happen in our live.. Isn't it?

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Be Thankful, Could You?

I'm currently doing my final assignments, and in the chem.eng. department at my college, we have to do a final assignment about designing a factory and also a research.. Well, the deadline is coming soon, and actually some of my friends had done both, so they will graduate this march.. For me, it's a weird situation.. I always considered my self as at above the average, but now, I was beaten! The fastest I could do is probably on May.. a egoistic side of me started to grow..
I started to think all the "what if" question.. What if I don't enter chem.eng here? What if I don't choose the factory title? What if I entered economy? What if.. What if.. What if..
A selfish me..

Then, yesterday, I had a meeting with the lecturers that guide my research. We've actually had a problem. My research is about reducing the color of coffee effluent, using photo-fenton reaction. Every thing was okay, till we discuss the methods. And BUMMM!! She's mad at us! Well, it's our fault, or my fault actually. I missed the word "dilute with water". And she assumed it is the main problem. So, okay, we do a trial again, we run the experiment. And guess what the result is? The same problem appear.. Wondering what she'll said..

Huumm.. But the main thing is, These days, I started to learn, being thankful is a hard thing to do.. It's easy to thank when everything is okay, but what if everything start to go wrong? What will you probably do? Start complaining like me?? Or will you be thankful for the problem?

From the things happened these days..

I wanna thank my best-best friend, C and W for being there.. If I got accepted at NTU, and could make it on time, it's because of them.. If I'm not, I still wanna thank them anyway :) Sorry for not being able to be focus.. And so so so thankful for having you guys as my F.A. partner..
My fam ofcourse is a precious gift from Above, and I do love them, and always thanks God for them..
Also wanna thank my lecturers who guide the research. I know that it would be better for us, finding the problem now.. Even though we haven't found the solution, at least we've find another way which don't caused an effect.. Thanks to S and Y for surviving together at the lab.. For S especially, who got so tired for doing the Total Fe analysis, and still eager to do the calculation together.. Jiayooo..
Thanks for the Lord, He teach me to become better and better every day.. I still have a lot of complains, but He always teach and show me how to be thankful.. :) Hope that I could be a better student in the "thankful" major..