Sunday, 16 December 2012

Reflection on 2012

I'm so excited!
It's mid December, meaning Christmas is coming!
Last year i posted that i have 3 wishes, and God is so good, i could safely say i got 2 of them and 1 in progress :)

This year has been a very interesting journey. I finally landed a job starting from April, and i felt i grew so much! In the beginning, it was such a struggling experience, but i learned how to say "no", let Him show His blessing and really can work with such rest and joy!

God is good! I think i have better relationship with my family :) I miss them a lot! Thanks to Skype and Facetime, it's way better :) I loooove my sister! It is definitely true that sometimes you can't realize how precious someone is.. She was like my small-sister, but now she is a grown woman! I love talking with her, getting some advise from her, and joking with her :) (i hope she didn't see this..) so embarrassing! haha :)

Another thing that I'm so thankful about is the ability to travel more, to Manila, Bali, Semarang (home), Jakarta and maybe *finger crossed* Taipei with my salary :)

I'm also very grateful that I can do the things i love, i managed to go to some music shows (which were all amazing!).. Kina and Marie's performance are awesome! Then Ryan's show is also cool! The last one i went was FYI (Favourite Youtube Icon), which brought JR Aquino, Andrew A Garcia and Victor Kim..

Also grateful about the ministry that I'm involved. I felt myself growing.. I was really introvert kinda girl (still up to now, i think) ~~ But i had great time, great friends, and started to be able to open up and get to know how nice everyone is! :)

I'm grateful for having such an awesome friends, be it my buddy, S&S in Sgp who are always there :) Also C who i miss a lot and we spent several days in Jakarta, W and C which I hope to see soon in Taipei..
Oh, also really excited to know YT, M, J, G and E.. Whom i manage to hang out several times on those shows i mentioned.. It's always lovely time catching up with you girls, and being crazy! :)

Ahhh 2012 is super fun!! Thank you, God, for the things You've guide me through this year..
Really can't wait for what You have in store for 2013!