Monday, 28 March 2011

Can't wait till June...

  1. I'll have a trip to Europe!! <3 I hope I could made some good videos.. and have fun with my family :) Also I secretly hope that I could meet some kinerds and do ST-ing..
  2. Planning a graduation trip to Macau.. If it failed, probably will ask my sister to go with me to Taiwan/Manila/Bangkok :)
  3. David Choi's show in Singapore.. Before my Euro trip!!
  4. Kina Grannis's show --> but the dates are still mystery.. :(
  5. SCP : Sweet Candies Projects.. I wiiiiished i could go to kinacon :( Kinerds are awesome, and i do enjoy talking to them!
I really hope that I could finally meet Kina and David!! It'll be epic.. <3

Oh, but at the moment, seriously.. I can't wait till 5th April!! Stairwells!!!!
Annnddd.. New "heart" and "guitar girl" tshirts!! Ahh.. Excited!!!!!!

It will be super epic if the WF tshirt arrived as well.. It's been too long.. I missed it.. :(

Good day!! :)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Have I told you.... I love you?

Makasiiiiiiiihhhh Titin, Carissa, Ko Willy, Samuel, Silvana, Ce Angela, Wina!! :D
Edian.. Saking penasarane, aku buka on the spot, di post office!
Dan.. saya ngakak.. dan hampir nangis..
untung ga dikira orang gila :p

Thanks bgt!!


Ni dari dua orang geje di NCKU :)

 P.S.. Thanks yaaa.. Tin, aku sampe kudu muter2 biar bisa baca.. manteppp!! Ce, thanks yaaa.. hihihi.. Kayanya saya beneran perlu ke ncku deh.. (biar bisa pamer sama titin) haha..

Trus yang di bawah ini, special cake.. yay!! Thanks ya teman2.. Ini yg membuat saya ketawa dan hampir nangis terharu di kantor pos.. hihihi.. :p

At the end.. I dedicated this for you... <3 youuuu temen2  tergeje tercintaku..

Saturday, 19 March 2011

On my birthday.. I felt blessed!

So, March 17th 2011, was my 22nd birthday.. I felt old haha..
But this one actually a really great one.. It started with a birthday card, from my parents 3 days before.. haha..

When i got a call from a woman from SingPost, i thought.. wow, Rondhi just sent the gelaskin on thursday! That's super fast! FYI, i ordered a Kina Grannis Street Team gelaskin for my iphone, and Rondhi helped on the purchase for every one.. :)
But then, i saw the mail, and it was from my parent! So cute.. They never do such thing.. usually, only a call, saying happy birthday dear, and money is sent for treating friends dinner or something :D
I cried a bit. I missed them. and actually wanted to be with my family. My sister is having exam, and so i'll be alone in my bday..

Little did i know.. on 16th March, 23:50, a very good friend of mine, shinta, was chatting with me.. Another good friend, samuel, is also on skype chat with me.. Then at 23:59, sam congratulate me. And i said to him, i'm tired, and going to sleep asap. But then, shinta asked me to accompany her to grab some drinks from vending machine downstairs.. I'm tired, but i thought, well, accompany her wouldn't kill me or something.
So there i go.. After taking drinks, she said, "lets go to the food vending.. I'm hungry".. I thought "oh well.. okay.."
So we went to the other vending machine. Then, she started to act weirdly :p A suspicious mind come over me. I punched the lift button, but she's not moving to the lift, and she open the lounge door. It was dark..

And suddenly "happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.." and lights turned on..
I found out that my sister is there! and also all my friends, including Jess and Maria who lived far from where i stayed.. I felt blessed! Thankful for such a great friends I have..
We have a really good time, they put facemask on my face with creams from the cake.. (no pics, sorry) :p
We ate KFC, noodles, and cakes..
Diet is ruined, but it's all good..
I love my life.. God's been so good..! I felt blessed!!!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Jubilee Project: Top Chef --> Fund raising for Japan

Okay, so Last Friday, an earthquake occured in Japan..
It was very heartbreaking, and until now (Wednesday), there were still a lot of bad rumour going on.. Actually, it's not only rumour.. Hmm.. The thing is, they said, some nuclear reactors leaked, and so they suspect of a radiation leak.
Part of this rumours that I hate, is that several people actually share hoax, about how the radiation will travels through asean countries, and they need to put betadines, and such.. For these people who made this text, please grow up! Show your humanity.. Show your love.. It's already bad, and please dont make it worse by spreading that text :(

Anyway, back to JubileeProject's March Fund..
They actually posted a preview about what their March Fund Video, for hepatitis B.. It was an MV (Music Video) for Rooftop Pursuit's song "Why I Sing"..  I have been waiting for the release of the video for several days, and then they actually perform in Boston University and showed the new MV in the projector..
It was really heartbreaking! My internet connection was bad, so I keep waiting for it to be downloaded to youtube.. Several day passed, no new upload.. And then, Friday, the Japan tragedy happened.
JubileeProject respond with a new video..

I'm still curious on what happen with the MV, so I tweeted them.. Check out what they respond..

So the MV is officially postponed...!

Oh.. You can still watch the preview of the MV here though..

The Fund Raising Video for Japan: Top Chef
Watch it here.. (as usual, i post the link, so that they will get more view. more view = more donation!)

Basically, it was a fun video, starred by Jason Y. Lee from the Jubilee Project, Arden Cho, Clara Chung, and Jennifer Chung.
As a person who spent quite amount of time in Youtube videos, I knew Arden, Clara, and Jen (not personally though!), and that's probably the reason why I could laugh at Clara and Jen's funny faces, impressed by Arden's ability to cook, LOL at Jason's silliness when showing off his ramen, and enjoyed the video overall.

In my personal opinion, it's hard to relate this video with what happen in Japan. And, it seems that they are wasting food :(

However, I do appriciate that they upload this video, and working with World Vision, they'll pass donations to Japan. Currently, each view will get 3 cents (as March 15th, 2011). And to added, they made this video around the end of February or early March, I can't remember, and that explain why it seems that there is no relation with earthquake in Japan.

Show your love to Japan by sharing the link!!!!

You could also be a sponsor, and donate 1 cent per view by emailing them at
The fund will go directly to World Vision in Japan, provide emergency supplies like life-saving food and water to those who need it most.

Remember, doing good is contagious!

A woman's prayer - credit: Anon.

Dear Lord,
I pray for a man
That will be a part of my life
A man that really loves You more than everything
A man that will take me in the second place of his heart
A man that lives not for his self but for You
Face and physical attraction are not important

The most important is

I want a heart that really loves and thristy of You
And has desire to be like Jesus
And he must know for whom and for what he lives,
So his life is not useless

Someone that has a wise heart, not only smart brain
A man that not only loves me, but also respect me
A man that not only can adore me, but can warn me when i am wrong
A man that loves me not from my smooth levels but from my heart
A man can be my best friend in any time and situation
A man that makes me feel a woman when I am beside him
I am not asking for a perfect he
But I ask for an important he
So I can make he perfect in Your eyes
A man that needs my support for the strengh

A man that needs my prayer for his life
A man that needs my smile to cover his sadness
A man that needs my love so he could feel love
A man that needs me to make he life

And I also ask,
Make me woman that can made him proud
Give me a heart that really love You
So I could love him with Your love, not love him with my love

Give me Your gentle spirit,
So my personality does not come from my outside,
But came from you
Give me your hands, that I always be able to pray for him

Give me Your eyes, so I could see many good
Things in him not the bad ones
Give me Your mouth that is filled with Your
words of wisdom and encourage
So I could support him everyday
Give me Your lips, and I will smile at the every time

And i want that when we finally meet
Both of us can say
How Great Thou Art

Thank You for giviving me someone than can make me life perfect
I know that You want us to meet at the right time


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Japan Earthquake and how it affects me

I'm not in Japan.
I was online, chatting with some friends, and studying. Exam coming in 3 hours.
Suddenly one friend type "Earthquake in japan 8.8".. I was like.. "Oh noo.. That's HUGE!!"
I tried to google, and saw some crazy scary photos.. :(
It's so sad!!!
And a thought hit me.. Wait.. Jia is in Tokyo!
My cousin, Jia, is working there. Oh dear.. Can't focus on the notes i should study..
So, i text my aunty.. She's away on a trip abroad. Luckily she turned on her handphone.
She was shocked hearing the news. Thanks me for letting her know. She said she's gonna text my cousin.
More news on tv.. CNN.. Local tv.. Scared me!
It became harder for me to concentrate.. I texted my dad, telling him, how i am scared for Jia.. (I realize that i'm being so selfish, but i can't stand it). He comfort me, saying that it'll all be good, God have a good plan for everyone.. Including Japan.. Including all the disaster.. Perhaps God wanted the world to realize that we've ignored Him?
I haven't spent enough time studying for my exam. So, I force my self to close the laptop and tv.. Start studying, and it's really hard to concentrate. An hour later, my aunty text me. Jia is save. Thank you.. I was really glad!!
But this morning (it's 10am here now).. I saw a news that there is possibility of nuclear leakage.. The pressure on the nuclear reactor is increasing.. Oh dear..
I prayed that every thing is gonna be okay!

Credit: photo by Tarmo (@itsfinnfan)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

thoughts on Kina Grannis updated: March 10th, 2011

I felt so bad for ignoring my own blog..
These days, i am filled with lots of hecticness with school project, and it does stressed me out..
Thanks God.. for music..
It helps!
Favourite song that i played a lot (and sing along) is You can win- David Choi, In your arms - Kina Grannis ~~ I love them both..! and also been listening to lots of Hillsongs music :D
I've also starting to be active in the Kinerds forum, shoutbox, and tinychat.. Kinerds were all lovely!
But.. i felt bad.. i'm not good at music.. =[ while they are so very very talented..
check out some!!

Anyways.. I love being surrounded with awesomeness..
Kina is so lovely.. And she deserve those love from kinerds..