Wednesday, 29 September 2010

September Babies

October is coming!!

It's 29 September, 2010, 00.14 am, and i'm still online!! haha
I have so many friends born in this month.. Few days ago, Shinta one of my new-best-friend, celebrate her birthday here at NTU.. Boy, we did surprise her!!
We bought a tiramisu cake, and knock rudely at her door, and sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" loudly.. lucky no one at grad hall complaint.. haha..
Then we eat!!

Next in Line is my best-friend Carissa, born on 26. I thought I'ld miss her b'dae this year as she's back there in Indonesia, while I'm here at Singapore. But God's soooo good to me, ehm, to us.. Guess what, she got the changes to go here, and we met at 27th. So me, and Samuel, bought a cake, and actually planned to surprise her.. Unluckily, when me and Sam are texting (planning on the surprise), she saw the text message!! I'm so embarassed.. haha.. Anyway, the cake is so delicious.. :D

Coming next on 30 is Samuel.. Yes Samuel the one i just mentioned above.. haha..
We did something special for him this year. We celebrate his birthday yesterday on 28!
He didn't expect it ofcourse, and looking at his face when he open his room door was FANTASTIC! I can't stop laughing, so from 7 of us, only 2 able to sing, while, me, I laugh all the way.. haha.. sorry sam!
He's like, stunned, unable to even say something.. haha..
anyway, we had early dinner.. Eat noodles and KFC.. I miss KFC!! haha..

Birthday are FUN!!
Happy birthday to my dearest friends, and to all september babies out there..
Wish u had a great birthday, celebrated with great families, or friends, or people who cares about you!! :)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Living in NTU

Almost 2 weeks I'm here..
Staying at the grad hall, in a single room..
I'm comfortable here..
Room's great, food's okay, friends are great..
My sister is here, so i could hijack her room whenever i want and she's fine with it..

The thing that i don't like is just my own schedule
the course's time is not comforting..
Monday 11.00-12.30
Tuesday 09.30-10.30 followed by 18.30-21.30
Wednesday 11.00-12.30 followed by 13.00-17.00
Thursday 11.00-12.30
Friday 09.30-10.30

Also got a lab, the wednesday one.. had to do the prelab before class, and had to hand in the final report on friday.. life is so challenging!!

but I'm sure I CAN DO IT!!!