Friday, 25 November 2011

My 2011 Christmas wish list

This may sound too much..
But top of all, i want a job!!! Hopefully before the year ends, i want a job that won't bored me, yet won't make me die of working as well :)
So, I could enjoy working, becoming a blessing for those in my workplace, and affecting people's live with my work. Not too much to ask, isn't it? :)

Then I'll continue with the girls shopping wish list .. :D
1. Too Faced In Your Dreams ($59) - Sephora
2. That fancy yellow dress in Ms. Selfridge (at least i could share with my sister!! haha)
3. A new jeans skirt.. I need more skirt!!
4. Some new t-shirts.. Mine looked dull, and i've grown bigger.. hihi
5. Shoessss.. Yesss, I love new shoes
6. Handbag.. :D

Haha.. i think if i get those, i shall live happy.. Till new year! :D

p.s. I guess my new year wish list gonna stay the same though... hihi