Saturday, 18 February 2012

Book Review: Cherised

I'm on my second-book review this month :)
This book is written by Kim Cash Tate.

To be honest, I expected this book to be like the "First Date" (the last book i read), which was fun, light, and youthful. But not, Cherised is a bit heavier read. The story involved Kelly London, who used to wrote songs. She hasn't been writing any songs after one point of her life where she did abortion. Incidentally, one of her brother found out she wrote a beautiful piece titled "I will Love You", and asked her to sing it in his wedding.
She did, and it blew the audiences. As she sings, she remember her past.

This event brings Kelly to moved in with her brother, and eventually things working out. Her sister in laws thought that God's calling Kelly to write song, and although Kelly sometimes have small faith, they kept being a solid rock foundation, believing for God's to place Kelly perfectly.

It works! And in the journey, Kelly is able to let go of her past, forgive the guy that hurt her, and believing God's for everything. Kelly eventually involved in the making of beautiful album, made by Brian aka Alien, a famous christian rapper. They shared their love for their lost baby, and at the end trusted God to use their story and their songs to brought others to see God's love.

It was a good reading! I cried out a bit, when reading about Kelly's past, her worries, and her struggle to let go. Also it's moving to read about Heather's struggle, who was a broken-hearted girl, used to be mistress, but  at the end realized she is God's beloved, precious, and forgiven.

This book was given to me by Booksneeze, from Thomas Nelson publishing company. In my own opinion, it was good! Read it! :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Book Review: First Date

First Date is written by Krista Mc Gee. I got this book for free from, under a program with Thomas Nelson Publishing Company.
I was looking for something fresh, and I saw the cover on BookSneeze. I knew I had to read this book.
The main lead is Addy. She's just an ordinary girl, trying to blend in. She was chosen to represent her school in a reality show entitled "The Book of Love".
One of the main reason why Abby doesn't want to be on the show, is because she doesn't want to be famous. Her parents were killed when they're trying to stop drug deals in the area. They were missionaries, and Abby was raised by her uncle, Mike.
Abby ended up joining the reality show. The idea of the show is to look for a prom date for the President's son, Jonathon. She entered the show with one focus, to quit as soon as possible. But Jonathon is quite charming, and she soon felt that she has connection with him.
At the first weeks, Abby HATE to be on the show. But days passed, and she felt disappointed at her self, she felt she let her parents, her uncle, her school down, and she felt she let God down. She's too embarrassed to admit that she's a Christian, and she certainly doesn't behave like one.
Until one day her roommate, Kara, asked her whats wrong with her. Abby admitted how she felt being on the show. She even started to be a good friend, and enjoy the luxury given by the show.
There were ups and downs, and lots of lessons that Abby get during the show. But one thing that catch me, was when Abby was sick, and had to be treated in the hospital. She felt disappointed, as when other girls were having fun, she was stuck at the hospital. The day after she was released, she went to a diner with his uncle. They overheard a conversation, a plan to kidnap Jonathon, and subsequently kill the President.
Mike move fast, and let the Secret Service know. They manage to ruin the killing plan.
It was a blessing in disguise! When Hank was planning to kick Mike out of the show, suddenly Jonathon found out that Mike had saved his life, and thanked him on the show, so Hank couldn't kick Mike out.
The story shows how Abby was transformed, she begin to accept God's calling, begin to involve God even in small things like trying to be friendlier to people, even to Hank.
This book is good for light-reading, and it is totally heart warming! It put a smile on my face when I read the end of the story.
Love it!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Kina Grannis - In Your Arm Tour 2012

Youtube sensation, Kina Grannis, ending 2011 with huge blast. She was featured on The Ellen Show, and performed her song "In Your Arm". In case you haven't notice, the video below, was shot for 22 months, featuring 188,000 jelly beans and her self. The video went viral, getting almost 2 million views within 2 weeks.

This year, She is going to do another round of world tour!
Started in Manchester, UK on Feb 3th, the Europe tour involves 16 cities, spread from UK, The Netherlands, Germany, and many others. The next month, she will perform in South East Asia, involving shows in Malaysia, Philiphines, Indonesia and Singapore. The next round is Australia Tour, and followed by USA Tour, where Los Angeles will be the final stage for In Your Arm Tour.

Get your tickets NOW!