Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Be Thankful, Could You?

I'm currently doing my final assignments, and in the chem.eng. department at my college, we have to do a final assignment about designing a factory and also a research.. Well, the deadline is coming soon, and actually some of my friends had done both, so they will graduate this march.. For me, it's a weird situation.. I always considered my self as at above the average, but now, I was beaten! The fastest I could do is probably on May.. a egoistic side of me started to grow..
I started to think all the "what if" question.. What if I don't enter chem.eng here? What if I don't choose the factory title? What if I entered economy? What if.. What if.. What if..
A selfish me..

Then, yesterday, I had a meeting with the lecturers that guide my research. We've actually had a problem. My research is about reducing the color of coffee effluent, using photo-fenton reaction. Every thing was okay, till we discuss the methods. And BUMMM!! She's mad at us! Well, it's our fault, or my fault actually. I missed the word "dilute with water". And she assumed it is the main problem. So, okay, we do a trial again, we run the experiment. And guess what the result is? The same problem appear.. Wondering what she'll said..

Huumm.. But the main thing is, These days, I started to learn, being thankful is a hard thing to do.. It's easy to thank when everything is okay, but what if everything start to go wrong? What will you probably do? Start complaining like me?? Or will you be thankful for the problem?

From the things happened these days..

I wanna thank my best-best friend, C and W for being there.. If I got accepted at NTU, and could make it on time, it's because of them.. If I'm not, I still wanna thank them anyway :) Sorry for not being able to be focus.. And so so so thankful for having you guys as my F.A. partner..
My fam ofcourse is a precious gift from Above, and I do love them, and always thanks God for them..
Also wanna thank my lecturers who guide the research. I know that it would be better for us, finding the problem now.. Even though we haven't found the solution, at least we've find another way which don't caused an effect.. Thanks to S and Y for surviving together at the lab.. For S especially, who got so tired for doing the Total Fe analysis, and still eager to do the calculation together.. Jiayooo..
Thanks for the Lord, He teach me to become better and better every day.. I still have a lot of complains, but He always teach and show me how to be thankful.. :) Hope that I could be a better student in the "thankful" major..