Monday, 21 May 2012

Book Review: The Lost Year - Mary Higgins Clark

I'm so excited to live near a library!
I manage to grab the newest book from my favourite author, Mary Higgins Clark :D

The story:
Jonathan Lyons, a biblical scholar, was murdered. The house was almost empty. His daughter, Mariah found his dad's dead body, and saw her mother hiding in the study closet.
The thing is, her mother, Kathleen, got a really bad hit from Alzheimer. She barely remember things when it get worse.
Police suspect Kathleen, since no one else was in the house, and there were no sign of forced entry.
On the funeral day, the priest, Father Aiden, told Mariah that Jonathan told him, he found a sacred letter.
It was believed that Jesus wrote one letter to thank Joseph Arimatea for his kindness. Another believe was, Joseph was the one helping Jesus to study abroad from 9 years, until when He start His ministry. Jesus also knew that His time in the earth was going to end, and He will be buried in a tomb provided by Joseph. Thus, He wrote the one and only letter.
Mariah was beheld by her thoughts, was it her mother who killed her father in rage. Well, Jonathan was having an affair for quite sometime with one of his colleague, Lilian.
Also, Mariah felt she didn't treat her father well due to his affair. She felt a bit quilty for not accepting his father wholely.
On the other side, Jonathan's colleagues are also curious because Jonathan said he found the sacred letter, but apparantly the letter goes missing.
The police held Kathleen for treatment, they are still believing that Kathleen murdered her own husband.
It is now Mariah's task to clean up her mother's name, to find the killer, and save the sacred letter. And maybe her own life.....

My opinion:
Good book! I love Mary Higgins Clark. It is fun to read her book, and to re-connect with her favourite so-called-detectives, Alvirah and Willy. Oh, it was quite shocking to find who the real killer is, but the love-side was quite detectable :p
Also a intriquing part about the Jesus' story. But it was fun to read :)

Gonna try to get Carol Higgins Clark's new book next. Wish me luck!! :D

Book Review: Heaven is for Real for Kids

I've heard so much about the book "Heaven is for Real", but the adult edition was a bit too much for me :p
So when Booksneeze listed the kids' edition, i quickly opted to get it.
I just received the book, and managed to get it finished in less than 10 minutes :P
Perhaps I should get the adult version, eh? haha

Basically this book tells the story from Colton Burpo, who was brought to heaven while he was sick.
He elaborate what he sees, the angels, Jesus' throne, etc.
This book is a perfect fit to let kids know about heaven and how much our Daddy God loves us :)
Might be better for 7-10 years old though :)

I got this book from Booksneeze, and Thomas Nelson publishing initiative. The review is purely my opinion :)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Book Review: Bittersweet Surrender

I've read this book last March, but forgot to put up a review.
So, the book was from Thomas Nelson Publishers, called Bittersweet Surrender. The writter is Diann Hunt.
I picked this book from BookSneeze, mainly because of the cover. Yes, CHOCOLATES!!

Carly Westlake is an owner of a spa, famous for their chocolate treatment. (hmmmm... I wanted to go to spa, badly! :D)

But the story was a bit dissapointing for me. Maybe because I can't relate to her, at all.
It was good, but not that good.
Okay, back to the plot.

So, Carly is a cancer survivor. She's divorced. Her husband dumped her when she was struggeling with cancer. BAD GUY! :(
Her spa is quite famous, but the business itself isn't that good. There seems to be something wrong with the finance or the way the spa was run. Carly best friend, Scott, helped her managing the tax and financial admins. Scott's wife was Carly's best friend, and helped her managing the spa's stock purchase. She passed away few months back, but Scott remained to help Carly on the Spa. Scott has just found the reason why her spa wasn't doing well, but he kept that as a secret, because it might broken Carly's heart. He was conflicted, and silently promise to keep by Carly's side.
On the other hand, Carly's high school crush, Jake, is back in the hood! And with his daughter! Romance alert!!


Later through this book, we'll see how Carly learned some secrets of her family and friends, remembered the past, and yet keep on moving.

You'll have to be patient though, as the plot moves slowly. I think i won't buy this book if i saw it on the store. Truthfully, I read it till the end, just because I hate to not finishing a book.
This review is my own opinion. No one forced me to say good things, or bad things about this book. :)