Sunday, 9 August 2009

What the world need

Reading this words in a friend's note
If you want more love, give more love!
If you want more kindness, give more kindness!
Exactly that's what i think we need to do now!
Imagine the world, while every one start to act, and not waiting others to start.
Love first than u will feel be loved..
I'll try to do so.. I promise my self..
If you want more love, give more love!

If you want more kindness, give more kindness!

I totally agree with this quote... That's exactly we need to do..

Just imagine..

What the world will be, if everyone start to change their selves, instead of waiting others to change..

siip lah..

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Mawapres 2009 => liburan!!

I've just be back from the Ministry of education's award event, for the best college student. I'm lucky to be the runner up from East Java Region. The winner on East Java was Cia, from Petra university.
I'm sent to Jakarta as an audience (the ministry said, it was to appriciate the finalist). For me, it means that I'm just a cheerleader..
Well, it's indeed so fun. Like finding an oase in the desert. A break between the study time, the exhausting study time with looots of assignment to be exact.. LOL..

The event for the non-finalist like me is seminar, with many speaker.. There's the best student from year 1993, then the dean of machung univ, Ir. ciputra, and many other. The whole point is to teach how to be different, try to reach our dream, and don;t just add another point at the statistic of the job seeker, but be a jobmaker! Amen!!

this is exactly what i've been thinking. What will I do after I graduate.. I surrender it all to God.. :)

Oh, then there is also an ESQ seminar, teaching to be more humble. the point is we should not be selfish, nor arrogant with what we've achieved. Always remember that there is A BIGGER GOD.. And not to be proud if we're called having achievement. Do people who really truly know us, laugh when we're said achieved a lot? Coz they know who you really are. Will they still be proud of you? Or is it just your own selfishness? At that time, I really think. What's an achievement? Do I have any.. :(

Seeing the finalist, I've actually feel terible. I wanted to be part of them!!!
But after seeing what they've achieved, and it's teribbly GREAT, I am thankful to be invited there :)
I thought eventhough my friends who are non-finalis, they also have a GREAT achievement. And we did have so much fun!
I went to Cempaka Mas and we tried the busway! We spoke about many things, like the democrazy in the college, the Indonesian government, and many others. And what I love most about them, is they are educated so well, and we could feel it when we spoke to them!
Some of them have a great potition in the Student Excecutive, or legislative, also many are debaters, meaning they're more than capable to have a discussion. Comparing it to me, i felt shy.. I'm no body.. LOL.. :P
I've never had any position in the college, and I know its only by HIS grace that I could be there..

I would love to say to these friends..
Molly from Jakarta, Athik from Malang, Aldo, Adrian and Gilang from Bandung, Bangkit, Eza, Sri, Rudi..
Guys, I'm thankful to meet you guys. Really wants to meet up sometime, and share a discussion again..
It's been a great holiday, to have dinner together and try the busway (eventhough Adrian and Sri felt to give up for another trip back to hotel :P)
And not forget to mention, to have another dinner back at the hotel. Wooow.. I'm soo fuuuuullll...

From this trip, I am thinking..
This kind of event is actually a waste of money.
I did have fun. I did enjoy being there. But seeing those luxury facility...
It's just too much for such event.