Sunday, 18 July 2010

New York Mets vs San Francisco Giant, my first baseball game

I just come back from AT&T park, watching the baseball game..
Tonight it was NewYork Mets vs San Francisco Giant..

As you can see, we sat at third floor, section 5.. almost the highest..

I love the view!!!

I wasn't familiar with baseball. Played it on my elementary school..
But watching these game, feeling the atmosphere, and how the crowds loooove the giants...
I suddenly became a giant fans!! :)

Today, the Giants win.. They made some homerun, and some great catch!!!
This is the view of the At&T park after the game ended..

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Review: Wonders Never Cease, A Novel by Tim Downs

I just received this book from Booksneeze..
At first time, I thought this would be a nice novel to read if I have the time..
But after starting 2 chapters, I know I have to finish it, and I did finish it in a day! :)

The story is about ex-movie star, Olivia Hayden, who's at the hospital. One of the nurse, named Kemp, tried to make a fortune. He, along with Olivia's agent, and also a publisher, managed to make a scheme, so Olivia will believe that she's choosen by angel to pass a message-by making a book!

During the whole manipulation process, Kemp's girlfriend's daughter, named Leah, got involved. And she claimed to see a real spirit.. Who's that??? No one believed that Leah actually sees angel. . Natalie, her mother got confused as the school started to feel that Leah got a mental problem..

Lots of entertaining chapters happen, especially because involving money, celebrities and mystical things, and the ending is a bit unpredictable..
I didn't really feel deep about how the characters.. But I love the twist, it's a bit shocking, because I assume that at the end Olivia will realize, or Kemp and his team got caught, or something like that.. Anyway, I think Tim Downs set a great ending for this novel. And still leaving me with curiousity.. Is there an angel for real outside there :)

I'm looking forward for the next novels by him..

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

The NEMS student from stanford visited Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.
This place was located about 25 minutes from stanford university.
One thing I could say, this place is really cool.

This is the main building, and it is very efficient. Nearly 0 carbon emission!!

The class room have a blower, so they will heat the room for an hour or two before the class started, and after they start, the blower is turned of. The student's body heat is used to maintain the room temperature! Less electricity! Nice..

Then we also went to the reservoir..

They are not used as Stanford's drink source, but only used as a backup for firefighter.. The main problem is a lot of sediment there! So the capacity is lower than it supposed to be.. And there were problems about fish and birds habitat..
But the dam was great. Build around 1882, but still exist now, even after earthquakes!!
And also there's a cool tree.. This place was used as a recreational area. The picture you see below show a tree, where there was a sign nailed to it..
And see how the tree feels about it!! The holes are getting smaller each year!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Food in the states

For me as an asian girl, food is one of my major concern while studying in the state..
I've been here for almost 2 weeks, and junkfood seems to be the easiest and cheapest food :D
So, I've been eating many different junkfood, some of it are:
-> Jack in the box (there's one near Stanford)
-> Subway (at Tresseder Union, Stanford)
-> McD
-> Burger King
-> California Pizza

I do love to eat junkfood in Indonesia..
But, it's now a bit too much, the portion is waaay to big for me.. Next time I eat junkfood I definetly will take the kids meal :p
I miss Indonesian food!!! :p

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Last week I just arrived to San Francisco.. It's summer here, but I still feel very cold..

The airport was so big, compared to Indonesia..They even have many separate building for the parking lots.. Here I took photo of one of it..

I've been in Stanford for almost 2 weeks.. Here I upload some pictures of Stanford..

What I like most about Stanford is that they've very environmental friendly..
Look at the picture at me and my 2 friends (Sam and Indra)
The building at our back, is a cool building.. This building is the place where we have classes during our program.. Will tell the details on my next post..