Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What I think of.. My Sister's Keeper

Movie title: My sister's keeper

I've never read the book, so I don't know the whole story.. I do interested at the book, but I've got no many times to read it.. So I decided to watch the movie instead..
For me, Cameron Diaz acts beautifully. I really thought that she was a horible mom, but at the same time, a very loving mom.. She could show well, how she only thought for her eldest daughter, and seems to forgot her other children, but yet she loved them all.. And Abigail Breslin's role also made me curious.. What have she thought by doing the set-up play with her sister.. and I really felt how deep they love each other.. The biggest appreciation should go to the writer.. Too bad it's a fiction.. :) But couldn't imagine how if it's a true story either..

I thought the film a bit boring.. The beginning of the movie is rather slow, but I guess it's because of the details added to show the background.. I got surprised by the ending, knowing that it's all a play set up by two kids, and yet the whole family got a bit shocked.. I could say that if you're looking for a bit of drama, or if you want to cry a bit, you should watch this movie..

Overall, this movie gave a lesson to me, how to appriciate other, meaning that even though a kid, could have feeling.. We should also consider what they thought, and not only ours even though we're older. The mom in this movie, is probably thinking for her daughter's best, but is it what her daughter really want? Well, same things could happen in our live.. Isn't it?