Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Some Places in UK and Europe

London, United Kingdom

This restaurant above is a Chinesse restaurant where we had our lunch :)

Pisa, Italy

The Leaning Tower

Gelatos - daily needs

Me :)

Rome and Vatican, Italy 

 Recoqnize this painting?
Or this painting?

 Governor's Square

 Some old buildings, Rome

Colloseum - Rome

 St. Moritz, Switzerland

Can't ressist to drop all those beautiful mountains pictures


Venice = water everywhere  

St. Mark Square, The Bell Tower

St. Mark Square

a Ride in a Gondola

A view from my flight to France - The Alps :)

Paris, France
View from the bottom of Eiffel

 Some shots of Eiffel Tower

 Notre Dame

 Arch d Triumphe

The Pyramids - Louvre


David Choi in SG, 21 June 2011

I got an invitation for David Choi's meet and Greet and the Mint museum!
It was so fun..
He's a very friendly guy, with an awesome music talent, and warm laugh..
During the whole session, he played with some of us, engage us in his chats and laughters, and also willing to take photos/signed things for us!
Some photos of me and my friends :D

As for the show, started at 7 pm ended around 9.30, and here are the set list:
  1. Youtube Love Song
  2. Something to Believe
  3. Valentine
  4. So Weightless
  5. And That is Love (NEW!)
  6. Always Hurt
  7. Only You
  8. My Time with You
  9. You were My Friend (NEW)!
  10. Rocketeer
  11. That Girl
  12. By My Side
  13. By My Side

Thursday, 7 July 2011

My trip to europe

Sorry for being absent from blogging, writing random stuffs, and books summary.
This month i went to europe, actually, i'm still in paris at the moment..
Will try to upload picture to calm you down as soon as I'm back :)

For the summary,
I went to Malaysia at 23rd June..

From Malaysia, we use Air Asia to London in the 24th, and to be honest the flight was not too pleasant. It was 14 hour straight, you have to buy food and drink on board (meal is not part of ur tix), and there were small kids crying.. I was lucky that my small cousins aren't that naughty :p and also, some of my family who had their tix decided not to go, so i had 3 chairs, just for me!! Lucky? :)

Arrived midnight at Stansert Airport - London.. Waited nearly 1 hour for our coach.. And it turns out that our driver went back because we're too long. So, we took a cab to Marlin apartment, neard Dogs Isle..
Stayed two nights there, and the apartments were awesome! The disadvantages were just the lack of tv channels, and wifi can't be connected with my phone :(
Anyway, during two days in london we visited some of the tourist attraction places.. And London's weather was pleasant.. Kind of gloomy but lovely :)

Then we use easyjet to fly from London to Pisa.. Yep, Pisa is where the Leaning tower is.. We stayed at Hotel Francesco, a 4 star hotel, which is only 5-8 minutes walk from tHe leaning tower.. And to be honest, in indonesia, you'll find 4 star hotel waaaay better than that.. But I guessed, the ratings here in italy are different? Oh well..
Anyway, two nights, we had citytour around leaning pisa, the market and the shopping places.
Pisa is a bit small i guess. We could reach almost anywhere with walking and bicycle..

After that we use eurostar (or trainitaly?) to Rome..
With my grandma in wheelchair, 9 big luggages, and 4 kids, it was horrid! We also didn't knew how to read the seat numbers, and it made a bitus attract the attentions of almost everyone :( i'm so embarrased.. But, they won't see us again, and hopefully it becomes a good joke for them to share with families and friend :p
Rpme was awesome, ancient, historical, but just awesome! :)
We Stayed at hotel Daniella, which unfortunatelly proveid wifi if you pay.. But the hotel room wa nice..
We had tour on the Vatican museum, and the city tour, and also Rome by night..
Rome was great!

After two nights in Rome, we fly again, this time to milano.. The fashion city? :p
Stayed for 5 nights at hotel terminal milano.
The hotel was nice. Loved the slow internet connection :p
But milan was a great city as well. Our hotel is 10 minutes walk from the central station. We used hoponn hopoff bus to experience a glimpse of the city..
And during those days, we used busses to travel to St. Moritz, Switserland and also to Venize..
Oh, and also to Foxtown outlets in Switzerland..

Swiss were lovely.. For first time in my life, i saw snow! Even if it's only a small white parts of the alps :)
Ad it was cold, humid, and just lovely :)

Venize was hot, humid, but super hot..
And the gondola ride was a bit dissapointment. For 30 euros, 6 people in one gondola, and the ride it self is only around 20 minutes.. But, as it was hot, I'm grateful.. :)

Then next trip is to Paris.. We already saw the eiffel two days ago, shop at le defense yesterday.. And today we're going to Louvre, and many other places.. See u in a bit! :)

Ciao, bonjour! :)