Monday, 29 August 2011

Greatly blessed, Highly favoured, Deeply loved

God works in the most unthinkable ways..
I've been a bit down lately with my unlucky in finding jobs. While you're just graduate, and your friends all settling down with their jobs, and you're the only one left with uncertainity of where you gonna work, how you gonna give back your parents, and how to make them proud, it just frustrating.
I had applied for various jobs, from the entry level (which i'm actually at, as a fresh graduate) till those junior executive jobs, from engineerings, administrations to the management trainee jobs. Really no luck at all. Many resumes sent, not even a single interview.
Since the beginning of my job-searching, there is one particular job that I'm not applying. Sales.
I just felt, my english is bad, and i have no confidence at all to talk to people and engage them to buy anything or invest their money.
But a couple of weeks ago, I actually met a guy who work as a Sales Engineer. He explained how interesting his work is. He told me that the job is not only about making incomes, but also building relationship with the client.
And a week after that, I found an advertisement about a Sales Engineer Position. The advertisement said nothing at all, only said, they wanted a 2-year experienced on sales/marketing person, with knowledge on chemical. I didn't think about it, because although i think the description are interesting (sorry, i can't share it), i thought I don't have the ability.
Suddenly, on Sunday, my pastor preached about how the believer will stand out. Despite of the bad economic, they'll still blessed. The world will see that God made them special. And he also said something about, when you ask God for a job, although you don't have the ability, He'll do it for you.
Ask God the ability to be excellence in your job.
I was so moved, that I drop my resume on that Sales Engineer job. I believe that if I'm accepted, then God has a purpose, and He'll surely give me the ability needed.
Few days after that, the recruiter called me, and we set an interview.
I felt that I did poorly at the interview, until even the interviewer started to suggest me what to answer if those kind of questions were asked. He said he's going to contact me in 3 days. 3 days later, no news at all. But I felt a bit dissapointed, but i realize that, even though i didn't get this job, I've been so blessed! I received new knowledge, and it surely will help me on my other interviews.
I shared this with my friends at church. They prayed over me. We stand in believe that God has a big plan for me, and set a really good job for me.
The next week, my pastor shared about how God reward His servant. How God acknowledge what His people are doing. In serving, it's not about how you do your job, but it's about whom you're doing the job for. I felt so blessed.
I actually sign up for helping the sunday school on a trip to Universal Studio. I have to admit, I'm totally afraid of going there. I felt that i did wrong decision by signing up. I might scream even louder than the kids. But with the help of my friends, I put my thought on serving the Lord, touching the kids' life, and have fun. I'm believing that God will give me boldness to be able to enjoy those scary games :p
On Monday, my team leader in sunday school ministry suddenly texted me, he reminded me on how God will reward His servants, and when He open the way, no one can close it. He encourage me to pray, for God to show His work, if the job is from Him, than He will open the way. If it's not from Him, He'll close the way (something like that). I felt so blessed, and so loved by God. He kept sending me messages.
I thought, i need to thank the recruiter for the tips that he gave me. Well, i do felt sad for not hearing back from him, but I felt he has given me lots of tips, that I need to thank him. So I drop him email, saying thanks and such. By the way, this is one week after the interview.
Out of no where, the next hour, that man called me. And said the company is interested at my profile. Praise God. If looking at the requirements, I'm totally out of it. And looking at the interview, i did poorly. I felt, this is really God's favor.
The next interview will be on next week. I don't know if this job is really from Him, but I believe He had prepared the best for me. I'm really greatly blessed, highly favoured, deeply loved by the Lord, Daddy God.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Restful Increase - NCC

This is a lovely song from New Creation Church - Singapore.
I'ld love to share it with you, as I'm sure you'll be blessed..

No longer striving, No longer stressed
In You, my Jesus, I've found my rest
No longer toiling, hard labour ceased
For You've assured me
Restful increase

Your open arms held nothing back
Your life for mine
You overpaid my debt
Free in Your love
I have found my rest
Your heart's delight
Is to see me blessed

You've given me peace all around
Now I'm enjoying
This Grace I've found
Health in my body, joy in my soul
Jesus, my future is filled with hope

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Youtube artist in singapore?

Just got some news.. Some Youtube artist are heading here. Guessed FarEastMovement, Jayeslee and David Choi say some good words about having a show in Singapore.. :p

Ryan Higa (@Therealryanhiga), is going down to Singapore..
Ryan is a well know youtube artist, focusing his videos on humour, and he's usually touring as a MC.
He was just finnishing ISA Seattle on the end of July, where he perform as an MC with Cathy Nguyen, and Kev Jumba. On his tweet few days ago, he said he *might* visit Singapore soon. I'm wondering whether this has any relation with a Boombox tour in Malaysia.. Still can't find any confirm date on the tour though..

Clara Chung (@Claracmusic) also mentioned in her website that she is going down to Singapore.
Clara is a youtube musician.. I like her new official video, "Heartstring", it was totally cute.
Her songs are catchy, and i think she'll totally deserved a sold out show here in Singapore.

Kina Grannis (@Kinagrannis) earlier this year mentioned that she's heading to South East Asia at the end of this year (2011). Till now, there is no official show dates. But when confirmed through email, she said, it's all still a rough plan, and there is nothing to be confirmed at the moment.. Guess we'll just have to cross our finger..

AJRafael (@ajrafael) is going to Singapore at the beginning of 2012. This is still a rough plan though, and this news is still needed to be confirmed.

At this rate, I hope WongFu Productions considered going down to Singapore as well.. And if I may dream a bit more, I hope the next ISA will be in Singapore.. :D

Update - as in September 2012, Clara did have a show in Singapore on 2011. AJ Rafael show was on 16th January 2012. Wongfu had their show (although Ted didn't come) on 27-28 Feb 2012. Kina had her show on 18th March 2012. Ryan Higa just finished the show on 1st September 2012. Kudos to SoulmannaLive for bringing these guys!

Sooo.. ISA singapore, maybe? :D

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Book Summary: Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn

I was walking around a bookstore near by, and i saw this book. Julia Quinn's Just Like Heaven.
I remember few weeks ago, I posted a summary on one of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton Series, and wrote that she's going to release a new series on the famous (not-so famous) Smythe-Smith Girls..

As many Julia Quinn's fans know, any  Smythe-Smith girls, as long as they are still single, will play at the performance. This was a tradition after all. They held musical performance anually, and to say that the performance rocked was overrated. It was horible. But the society are trying to be nice, and some people attended this musical because they felt pity to the Smythe-Smith girls.

Basically, this book is about the youngest Honoria Smythe-Smith. In her family, which has 4 kids, she's the youngest. The age gap between her and the nearest kid is 5 years old. Since she was little, she's the most chatty from all. Her one and only brother, which is around 8 years older, Daniel, always consider her as a trouble, and tried to avoid her the best that he could.

Daniel had a very good friend, named Marcus. While Daniel is really good at ignoring Honoria, Marcus is just the opposite. He can't bear seeing her ignored. He knew exactly how it felt to be lonely. He will, at the end, bring Honoria to play with him and Daniel. Ofcourse with Daniel's grunts. And so, Honoria is always well taken cared. Until one time, Daniel did silly thing, and forced to run away to Italy to save his life.

Before he left, Daniel make Marcus promise to take care of his little sister. And Marcus kept his promise. He scared all man who's not suitable for Honoria, the old man, the fortune hunters, and any one whom he felt not appropriate for her.

One day, Honoria was visitting her cousin, Sarah Royle. And she bumped into Marcus in the street, or to be exact, Marcus saw her drained over the rain. This brings the old memory back, how they used to tease each other. They were so close.

Actually, Honoria's planning to get married before the end of the season. That's why she agreed to visit Sarah. Meeting Marcus was quite good. But, she needed to be focus, and as she set her cap for Gregory Bridgerton (yes, the youngest boy of Bridgerton family), she need to work her plan.

When the boys (Gregory and 3 other men) were hunting, Honoria made a mole hole. She planned to make her ankle twisted, in a way, so that her future husband, Gregory, could save her in time. But Marcus turned out to be around, and saw the whole thing. He was quite delighted and amused at her plan. Anyway, when he planned to help Honoria out from the hole, he got himself trapped, and his ankle got twisted. He was too heavy for Honoria, and his leg hurts like hell when he tried to walk. His house was 3 miles away, but Sarah's  house was nearer. So Marcus asked Honoria to go home and write a letter to his house, asking his valet to pick him up.

It started to rain, and probably Marcus was under the rain around 2 hours before he was picked up. On the other hand, Honoria slept over exhausted. The next day, Honoria felt obliged to visit Marcus. However she's the one making the hole, he felt into it, and so she's the one guilty. She visited Marcus, and quite pleased as he seemed to be better.

Honoria went back to London. And after few days, a letter arrived from Marcus' helper, saying Marcus was in very bad condition. Honoria became worried, and forced her mother to go with her visitting Marcus. At the end, they both went. And turned out that his condition is really bad. He's hot and high in fever. Out of curiousity, Honoria wanted to see his ankle, and surprised to find it swollen. The doctor missed this, and it was really bad, that Honoria knew they had to clean the wound for him.

This is when Honoria's mom become the hero. She forced herself to do the surgery, cutting through the dead skin, and at one point, Honoria replaced her. The doctors, coming around 1 hour later, was satisfied that they did a very good job. But he still suggested to let Marcus' leg amputated to save his live. Honoria can't bear the mind that she's responsible, and she might be the one making decision whether to save his leg or let it to be cut.

Marcus survived, and getting better. Honoria helped him through the recovery stages, and this is when she realize that she love him. On the other hand, Marcus thought that it was quite pleasant to have Honoria around, she seemed to knew his mind well, and he knew he loved her.

One day, a letter came from Daniel. He's coming back. Honoria's mom is quite pleased, and require to return back to London as soon as possible. The next day, Honoria was planning to write a letter to Marcus, saying that they're leaving. She saw Daniel's letter to Marcus, and thought a short peek will be okay. But she read the letter, and found out that Daniel forced Marcus to take care of her, and these were the reason why Marcus went to London although he hated to be there, and why Marcus scared off her suitors. She felt miserably sad. And wrote plain letter saying her goodbye, and went back to London broken hearted.

Not knowing what happen, Marcus went to London. He's planing to court Honoria, but he never did this kind of courting before. Honoria still felt hurt, and reject Marcus' courtesy as gentle as she could by saying she's busy.

On the day of the musicale, Lady Danburry saw that Marcus couldn't put his gaze away from Honoria when the Smythe-Smith Quartet played. And on another time, she saw Honoria couldn't resist looking at Marcus and Felicity Featherington. Lady Danburry knew she had to do something. She called Colin Bridgerton, and twisted the conversation, and left Colin alone with Honoria. Colin was really attractive guy, and Honoria found her self enjoy his presence. She might even felt in love with Colin if Marcus hasn't captured her heart.

Marcus couldn't stand looking at how Honoria smile, laughed, and chat with Colin. He was really pissed. So he grab Honoria's arm, and with not so politely, said to Colin that he needed to talked to Honoria. Seeing this, Colin simply smiled and moved out. Honoria was still curious at Marcus, and went out after saying her words to him. After a few second, Marcus decided to go after her and set things right.

And things does get right at the end. Daniel's back, and Marcus and Honoria get married. But ofcourse, you've to read the book to know how the proposal went! Surely you'll enjoy it as much as i do :)