Sunday, 28 October 2012

Marie Digby "YOUR LOVE" Singapore Show 2012

Marie Digby is an American singer-songwriter. I've heard about her for almost a year, but actually never really listen to her until around August 2012.
So, around that time I went to Manila, and met some new friends who are basically digbyholics. (note: Digbyholics is Marie Digby's fan base)
They have this huge plan to surprise Marie, by coming to her show in Singapore. From my chat with them, i found out that Marie has this special ability to engage her fans, and also showing how much she cares about them. Also Marie is quite talk-active (in a good way), so that conversation with her will happen without any awkward silence. :)
I was thinking to join them for Marie's show in Singapore (18 Oct 2012 in Esplanade), but with work being busy, i ended up deciding not to go. I made this decision in mid September.
Few days before the show (or actually two days before the show), one of my friend told me that they have one spare ticket. She offered me to go with them. Well, there was actually some work that I need to do, but i thought it'll be nice to see her perform, accompanied by some of her huge fans. And I am also looking forward to meet my friends :D
So I decided to "escape" from work, around 2 hours earlier than my official knock out time.
I reached Esplanade around 6, and meet my friends there. We decided to have dinner before the show.
To make the story short, the show started at 8.30 pm. Natalie Hiong, a Singapore singer-songwriter, open the show by performing one song. I was quite surprised that the opening act is only one song..
Then Marie started her show.. I can't remember how many songs she sang.. But the whole experience was awesome..
She nearly cried when she saw the digbyholics in the front row! FYI, we got the second & third row for $91 each. Some of my friends were crying as well. I think this is a good example of how much an indie artist can engage his/her fans. Quoting one of them "You can't say you support an indie artist if you're not willing to spend money."
In my opinion, Marie is by far one of the best live performer I've ever watch. Her voice is beautiful (duh, ofcourse!).. She's talented with guitar and piano.. And she's great at engaging the audience (she brought one audience who sat on the first row to the stage..! Hey Ahmad! Hahaha..)
Also, she did meet all of those lining up for meet and greet. Doesn't matter whether you get the $51, $71, or $91 ticket. She waited till all the audiences/fans got a picture & signature from her.
I will definitely go to see her show in the future..
Oh, and after watching her youtube videos, I am confident to say "I do" is one of my favourite song!