Monday, 26 December 2011

3 Wishes for Next Year

For next year, I want to ask God three wishes:
1. A better temper.. I am a hot temper-girl.. I get mad easily, and sometimes a little bit moody. I felt bad for people around me, but I can't help it.. I wish i could manage my temper easily..
2. A better relationship with God and my family..
3. A satisfactory Job.. One that I love, and enjoy doing..

I know my God loves me. Can't wait for what He has in store for me for 2012!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A good friend passed away

It's been almost two months since a very good friend of mine passed away. I'll have to admit, there were times back then that I regret. For example, I sometimes was too busy, to atleast say "HI".. or.. When he texted and all i thought was "uh, it's him again!" But, he's one of the nicest person I knew. He's like a big brother, that you can rely on. Just that, sometimes, we couldn't really know how important a person is until he/she is gone.
When I first heard the news, on Thursday night, I couldn't stop crying.
My close friend, called from Australia. She's the one who informed me first. All I could say was "for real? Are you serious?" and we shared our tears. He was involved in a hit-and-run. The driver who hit him managed to escaped. Remembering how he used to drive, all I thought was he must be driving really fast, and didn't manage to turn the wheel. I decided, I need to went back to Surabaya. At first I really wanted to be there just as soon as possible. But my sister calmed me down, and at the end I took the Saturday flight.
I went to the memorial on Saturday night, and saw his family. His mom looks really pale. It must be really devastating for them. It just break my heart :(
He was buried on Sunday morning, with only few classmates attending. I was his junior, but I felt that I need to pay my respect.
I never said to him how much I appreciate him. He was a kind person. He had a great faith, and really active in church. He had a crush on a girl, but that girl had a boyfriend already, yet he's still in touch. He had a girlfriend after that, but things were not well, and they broke up.
That day, his friend told me that actually he still had a crush on the first girl. It felt so bad, to knew that he wasn't "lucky" in relationships.
That day, I learned a lot of things about him. How indeed he was a good brother, how he has a passion to bring his family to Christ. The latest news I know, his sister is joining a church :)
I would say, there is still a part of me that felt bad. I never said how much I appreciate him when I had the chance. I could easily remember those time when me and my friend "mocked" him, make jokes on him, and laughed with him (because he's accepting it), but I couldn't remember when I told him that he's doing a good job. He is a good senior, a good leader, and ofcourse a good friend.
As for now, I still miss him sometimes, but I'm thankful that I had the chance to know him. I'm looking forward to meet him again one day in heaven :)
The lesson I learn are, be thankful with the people God put around you, whether it's your family, your friends, your colleague, your church friend, simply everyone. Be thankful that you're still alive.
You are God's beloved, be sure to share the love with people surrounds you!