Sunday, 26 July 2009

Keeping your mind on Track

Have you ever heard the expression "keep your foot"?

Joyce meyer said that for her, it means not to lose our ballance n get off the track. Well, it means that some one can stay on the track when he keep his mind on what he’s doing…

I am a type of person that’s quite hard to keep my mind on something (except when I’m reading comics hahaha).

A confession, sometimes in church, when I’m listening to the preacher, enjoying what he said, suddenly I can think about something else. My mind wander. And after a while, I realize, ups, I don’t catch what the preacher said. Even though my body is still on the church, my ind has been at the malls, home, school..

Well, Joyce Meyer also said that in the spiritual warfare, the mind is the battlefield (That’s why I said that I’m struggling in the battlefield of the mind).

Back to the topic, the mind, this is where our enemy (the evil) makes his attack. He perfectly knows that eventhough a person attends church, if he can’t keep his mind on what’s being taught, he will gain absolutelly NOTHING.

When we ‘re having a struggle, say a problem, the satan keeps reminding us that there’s something wrong with us. But the truth is, it’s definetly wrong. We just have to keep our mind focused.

Lets try to keep our foot, keep our focus on what ever we do…

Our True Value

There’s a woman, standing beside a pastor.
Then she told the pastor who was ministering her, how she hated and despised herself.

The pastor became very firm with her and he say "Who do you think you are! You have no rights to hate your self. God paid a high price for you and your freedom. He love you so much that He sent His only son to die for you. You have NO RIGHT to hate or reject yourself. Your part is to receive what Jesus died to give you!"

Then the woman was shocked.

Well, it makes me think that it’s the trap that the Devil set for us.. I sometimes feels that way too..
Lack of appreciation for my own value and worth..
But this story reminds me that I’m valuable, and of course each of us is valuable.
Otherwise, our Heavenly Father would not paid such a heavy price for our redemption..

Thank you Father, Thanky you Jesus.. I promise you to be a good daughter, not to let you down, and I’ll try to make you happy… Love you…

a Story about Danny and His Chocolate

A boy named Danny received a box of chocolate from her mother during his stay in summer camp. He ate it a little bit, and stored it under his bed. The next day, after lunch, he entered his tend to take the chocolate, but it’s gone!

Few minutes after that, one of the elder friends who knew about the missing chocolate, saw a boy sitting down the tree, eating a stolen chocolate. "That kiddo must be taught not to steal again" He murmured.

He went back to his group and looking for Danny. "Dan, I know who stole you biscuit. Would you help me to teach him?"
"Yeah, ok, but you will punish him right?" Danny asked.
"No, it would only make him steal again and hate you. I’m asking you to call your mum and ask her to send you another box of chocolate."
Danny did what he’s asked to do.
Few days later, he received a box of chocolate.

"Now, the boy who stole your chocolate is in the pool. Go out there, and share this with him." said the elder boy.
"But, he’s a thief"Danny cried.
"I know, but why don’t you give it a try, and find out what’ll happen".

Half an hour after that, the elder boy saw two boys, walking through the field. The boy who stole give his little pocket knife in return of the chocolate he has received and stole. Danny refuses it, and say "No, never mind"
Without the elder boy, what would Danny probably done if he know who stole his cake?

If you’re Danny, what will you do? Revenge will not give goodness to both side…

Travelling is FUN!

Yippieee.. I’m officially falling in love with travelling..

To discover new places, with new cultures, meet new friends, from many backgrounds.. Very fun indeed!

Thanks to the Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club project, I met some amazing people with a bunch of travelling experience.. Which absolutely amazed me!!!

Well, there’s a girl, or perhaps i should say a woman, whose age is less than 30, part of me was only joking when i put on a post, saying that i really wanted to go to europe this year.. But she emailed me and offer me to go with her.. I told her it was really an honour, but due to the college and stuffs, I can’t go with her..

Also, there’s this book, made by a HC member from Indonesia too, telling her story about travelling in Europe for 6 MONTHS and spent 1000US$ only!

Wow.. amazed to read her story, also the chat between her and her host (which is also still young, but the discussion is very serious, and heavy).. Makes me eager to have the same experience..

Anyway, I felt like, omg, they are still living with their parents, but they could, so why couldn’t I??

But ofcourse, it’s not that simple.. Many things to do, like saving money :p and also building up connection The point is, Travelling is now my passion!! I Just Can’t wait..

Customer is king.. is it??

Perhaps you've once heard the phrase "Customer is the king"..
So, tell me.. is it still on these days?

Here's my experience today..

I went to a shop, sort of fashion boutique, where the sales girl is just sitting, and didn't even try to greet.. So, suddenly my shopping mood is gone :(

Then I went to another shop next to it, this time, a sales girl greet me, and ask what can she help me.. Then I told her to wait, I'll look around first.. She says yes, and offer me to call her when need her help.. :)

Different shop..
If you're me, where will you make your purchase??

Next, I drop by on hypermart, then I was just walking around, seeing many brand of milk, suddenly a sales girl greet me, asking whether I ever taste her product.. I said no, never.. Then she ask me to wait, so she could make a sample for me..

As I wait for her, then I see another brand which I was more familiar with.. Then I decided to buy it, sorry for the sales girl. But she said never mind, and as always, promote me to buy 2 box of the brand I decided to buy, so she'll give me a mug, or another free smaller box of milk..
I refuses and said I only need one box..
She said, ok, never mind, I'll give you a mug for free..

What do you think about these???

Then, I was waiting for a car to pick me up. It was supposed to be at 6.45.. But until 7 o'clock, nothing seems to appear.. I text the operator, asking where's the car? and the operator replied, giving me the driver's number..
I text the driver, whether he's already on the way, or parking somewhere.. He replied, that he gonna be late..

So I wait.. and wait.. and wait..

It was until 7.30, then the driver missed call me..So, I went to the lobby, and saw the car.. Finally!!
Entered the car, and greet the driver (or he greet me first, I forgot).. And during our journey to go back home, he ask me whether I complaint to the operator. I said no, as it's weekend, and I thought probably the street are crowded..
The driver told me to put a complaint to the operator. And around that 40 minutes ride, he kept on complaining about the operator and the boss to me..


Doesn't he knows that you shouldn't give any bad opinion about where you work to a customer?? *sigh*

What do you think guys???

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Cancelling Train Tickets

I am having a work from college in Malang. I work at a factory, studying their process etc.
And, don't know why, I just suddenly think, hey.. it would be nice to be back home for a day or two..

So, I simply called the train station, ordering two tickets, at 25 to my hometown Semarang, and also bought the tickets back to Surabaya. Just to make it easier, I asked them to send it. And they charge me 180K and 40K (for the delivery) for each tickets.
The day passes, and it's already 25! I saw the ticket, and I've just reallized, I paid too much!! The tickets said, it's 150K!!
I wonder where my 30K goes..

On the train, a foreigner sat next to me. He's very quiet, so I decided to read. one hour.. two hours.. three hours.. time passes.. on less than 2 hours, I'll be back home.. yay!!

Suddenly I got a phone call from my lecturer, asking me to go to Jakarta at 28-31. Couldn't refuse as it's my duty. Yes, I've realized that actually I've got to be there at 28, I but I thought I could make an excuse..
Panic!! That's what stricked me first. How about my plans!!! And what about the trip to Jakarta... Oh my...

So as soon as I arrived, I cancelled my tickets to Surabaya.. They cut 25%, and coz the rate is actually 150K, I got 112K back.. dear..

Now, I'll have to wait for the invitation letters being sent here.. And also a new almamater Jacket (not my mistake that I don't bring mine.. I just want to have a little vacation.. would be a good excuse isn't it??)..
Pray that everything is smooth..