Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First fruit of 2012

This year, 1 January falls on Sunday. So I started 2012 by going to a sunday service. :D
My pastor, Joseph Price, shared about what God put in His heart for this year.

It was taken from Jeremiah 17:7-8
7Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.
8For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

Our church's theme for 2012 is "The year of unceasing fruitfullness"
How bad the situation in the world is, even if it's the year of drought, we will still be blessed. If we meditate on God's words, our leaves shall be green, and we will bear fruits, and what ever we do shall prosper.
And one thing that I remember was, he mentioned that in every month of 2012, God will give us a wonderful and pleasant surprise.. ~12 manner of fruits.

I've been looking for job in Singapore for quite a while. Around 7 months to be exact. My student pass has expired, and so I was thinking to go back home.
Sometime at the end of december 2011, a friend of mine who is taking a phd, told me that one of her senior researcher is looking for  a chemist. She said he's working on organic chemistry, and looking for a phd candidate. I am a bit hessistant to take phd, because I didn't do well on my master's degree. So I told her, maybe if he's looking for a research assistant instead of phd student, i'll apply.
My friend told me to just go for it, and email the researcher.
And I did.
The researcher replied my email, and we do some chats, and at the end he asked me to drop by his office on the next day. So I went there, and he interviewed me.
I personally thought I didn't do well. He needed someone with experiment, someone who wanted to do PhD, and someone who can commit 5 years. I tried to be honest with him, I told him I was thinking to do research, but not a phd. I am okay with working 5 years and doing laboratory work, as that's my undergraduate study is. We talked for a while, and he told me, he needed to talk to his supervisor. The main decision will be in the supervisor who's coming in two weeks (early January).
January came, and I got an email saying that the supervisor asked whether I would be okay if they send me for a year in Israel. I thought that this is a good chance. I said yes. Then he emailed me back, saying that the supervisor wanted to talk with me. We made an appointment.

Later I told my parent about this. They were not really allowing me to go to Israel. It is to far. I'm a girl. They are worried. :) But at the end of the day, my dad told me, to go for it if I really wanted it. He just need to know if I'm sure with my decision, and asked me to prayed over it. We came up with this, if God really wants me to do this, if until the day of the interview, there will be no other interview/offer for me, it means that this is God's will. I kept on sending my resumes and applications. There was no interview/offers.
So I meet the researcher and supervisor. I came 15 minutes earlier, and found that the office was empty. Several minutes passed, until they appeared. They asked me to came inside their office. Then the interview begin.
During the interview, I noticed from the supervisor's body language, that he didn't really like me.
Haha.. I have to admit, it's my fault by being ressistant to do PhD. The awesome thing was, the researcher seemed to persuade him to take me. When the supervisor went out to check my mark, the researcher told me to say that I'm open to do PhD, but prefer to see how things worked first. He's also trying to explain to me how the PhD will works better for me. I told him that I did have the thought of taking PhD, but just not this soon. He said this is great. I thought this was really God's work. He has favour upon me. :) The supervisor was told that my marks are not so good, so the university won't pay for my tuition if I took Phd. Then he asked me to go outside while they will discuss.
They called me in afterwards, and told me this.
Our decision is, you will work for us until June. We will see how you work. If you do well, and if you want to do PhD, we will pay for your tuition. Not the university, but the research team. If you don't want to do Phd, than we will discuss what to do next.
All I can think was "Praise God". I thought I didn't do well, but God turned my lack, and make something good out of it.
This is the first blessing of the year, the first fruit of 2012.

Oh, and when I called my dad, he said "This is exactly what I prayed, you'll get the job, but you won't need to move to Israel. You won't be bond, because 5 year is just too long. This way, you'll get to know how it's like working with them." WOW!
So God answer his prayer! And this also fulfills one of my wishes for the year.

I still have to wait for the employment pass, they told me it will take sometime. But I know my God is able to change things, He is more than able to make everything processed faster.

I'm so excited to know what He has is store for me next :D Wohooooo..
I have an AWESOME GOD!