Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Jubilee Project : Love Language

These people loves making videos..
They also loves to make difference..
So.. They made VIDEOS for GOOD CAUSE!

By watching their videos, we're actually taking a part in donating, and ofcourse helping others..
So, share the news, share the links..

Oh, and you can be the donator also.. Just sign up! jubileeproject.bandcamp.com
Even the videos which is sort of documenter (reporting the jubilee project, the wedding documentation, etc).. It all came out with a purpose.. :)
Follow their twitter, @jubileeproject! And also on TheJubileeProject's facebook!!

Here is the link for their latest fund-raising..

The title is the Love Language..

Brief storyline..

A guy, seeing a girl sitting on a bench.. He's actually interested in her..
But she's reading, and listening to music with her earphone..
He started to make a move, by asking her for a pen..
She gave it, yet still listening to her earphone..

Next day..
He sit on the bench.. Waiting for the girl..
She's no where to be seen.. Until...
She finally showed up..
And still with her earphones on!
He asked her, what she's listening to..
And she didn't say a word..
Then he got an idea!
He wrote it on a post-it!

And she replied "a special song"
He ask her "Can I listen to it?"
She wrote back "No, I'm embarassed"
Anddd... They keep on writing notes...

Until one day..
She ask him "Do you want to listen to my song?"
He wrote "I'ld like that"
And he was surprised when he heard the earphone..

Check out their video! http://bit.ly/h45By6
The ending is indeed adorable.. :)
I'm sure you'll love it!

My personal comment:This is a so-called "so-sweeeeeet" love story!
From the first time, I thought the guy was a bit creepy.. The pick-up line is ehem.. a bit old.. haha..
Anyway, it works! :D
Watching the progress on how they become close, it is so adorable!
I love the details like how they communicate with post-it paper.. However, if I am the guy, I'ld probably think, "hey.. what's wrong with this girl, why she doesn't even want to talk or put off her earphone when she's talking to me? I thought we're already close??"
Anyway, I feels sympathy when the girl finally trust the guy, and let him hear the music she's been listening to. And was shocked to know that there's no sound.. But in my little mind, i said "i knew it!"
Anyway, I SUPER-LOVE the ending.. so cute ^^
I thought, well yea, sometimes it is hard to have a problem like deaf, mute, blind, or even if you're broke your feet during a sport game and got a limp.. :( People sometimes didn't even care!!
This short clip reflects.. "we should see the inner beauty, not only outside appearance, or the cover"
Yea, it's hard.. But.. At least if we try, maybe we can change the world?
And it's good to know, that JubileeProject care :)
P.S. I also love their other video, and wrote a review for the Waiting Game.. 
Check my review out here!

Note: All photos are courtesy of  The Jubilee Project.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Beloved People.. :)

From the top, Going to Stanford and joining the NEMS, give me the honour to know and befriends with several nice people.. Shinta, Indra, Maria, June, Licar, Jess.. I'm so happy to know you guys.. We'll make more memories, I'm sure, and I'm looking forward for it!

Middle-Bottom.. Photos of a very great friends..
These 4 years, I've been living in Surabaya, study hard, and ofcourse playing hard..
These people are awesome!!
Carissa, Wina, Titin, Sam, Love, Sil, Agnes, ko Willy, ko Yur, ce Ipol..
Love y'all.. Don't miss me!!

Agent of secret stuff

It's better to be late than never...

Agents of Secret Stuff..

This is the new movie done by wongfu production
I've been waiting for a looong time.. And they did the premier on 23rd November, and post it on youtube the next day, 24th. Check out the official trailer: here!
Psttt... I felt inlove from the first time.. :p

Anyway, it was 25th at 4 pm (noted that singapore is 16 hours ahead of CA now), and i'm kindda awake suddenly.. Realizing that the movie should be out soon (coz u wait since the night before), I tried to check online.. Then puff.. Suddenly someone tweeted that the movie is out..

My phone's signal is really bad and it took like forever to see it..
So I openned my laptop (totally bad idea if you want to sleep again), and check out the full video..
Clik here to watch Agent of Secret Stuff

It's been viewed by more than 3 MILLION people.. THREE MILLION! SUuuuPer!!

So a bit summary, the story is about Aden (it's ryan @therealryanhiga, check out his twitter), a guy who's waiting for being and ASS (yea, ASS - Agent of Secret Stuff). And his last job, which will give him the ASS title, is to save a girl, named Taylor (Arden Cho @arden_cho).. Aden never had a normal life before.. I mean, all he know was how to be an ASS.. So he's kindda weird!! See some prove of his weirdness in these photos..

Yea... It's Ryan!! Check out Ryan's other youtube videos here!

Anyway, Aden started to learn.. How to trust, make friends, and such..
He also learnt to ride a bike!

And the love is in the air!! It was before the prom night, and Aden is too shy to ask Taylor out.. He's just joking around.. And suddenly Melvin (@d_Trix) showed up, and ask Taylor for a prom date..
Aden is jealous, suddenly he see, a blade coming out from the rose that Melvin gave.. Aden tried to save Taylor, by knocking Melvin.

Taylor is totally pissed of! She just can't take it anymore.. She choose to leave Aden, and accept Melvin!
Aden started being frustrated, questioning what was his life for and such..
Until he sees that the rose really had a blade!!
He has to save Taylor.. But how?? Is it too LATE????

Check out the full movie here!

IT is totally WORTH IT!! :D

My comment:
I can't stop laughing at the early scenes!! Ryan did well, infact, he looks like an ALIEN!! :D
Arden? Looks great.. She looks adorable.. And i love the fighting scenes..
d_Trix? He's totally geek.. Sorry! But it means your acting is good, right?

My most fav scene:
1. The badminton
2. When Aden learnt to ride a bike, -and fell off- :p
3. The fighting scene.. D_Trix!! Ryan!! Arden!! good job!!
4. The dance, and the kiss! :)

1. Philip's appearance -- a bit weird :p LOL

Anyway, keep on making video guys!! :D

Notes: all photos are courtesy to Wongfu Production and Ryan Higa

Monday, 22 November 2010

Review: SuitCASES-silent theatre by the Finger Player's

So I found this performance online at: www.fingerplayers.com

And they said "a silent performance".. (What's that suppose to mean??? How can a theatre performed silently!)

Anyway, I never went to a theatre before, only school performance, and wouldn't consider it as a true theathre experience..
Looking at their website, and finding out that this particular company "the Finger Players" are a non-profit organization, and they have got several awards, my curiousity arised.
I thought "WOW! This is should be perfect for a first experience!"
So, I booked the tickets for their main season. FYI, they only have 2-3 season a year, which each is 2/3 days performance only. And I went for the show at 29 Oct.
Here is the link to their youtube clip :)

It was held on Singapore National Library, 5th floor. At first I thought not many people will love this kindda thing. But I was wrong! They only have around 100 seats, which I would say 90%occupied, I wasn't sure that the seats at the back are full, it was too dark.

So the show begin
And.. The lights are off! There are four women, dressed in white raincoat, and their faces covered liked geisha (traditional japan entertainmer woman). It was quite scary for me, as the music is like the horror movies..
I thought "DANG, is it a horror theatre? what a way to start!"
But than, I thought I've paid 31sgd, and so I confinced my self to be brave and to enjoy..

The story
As I said these four women, represent a traveller. Each of them has Suitcases.
As the prologue, these travellers build the city, a little by little, in ritualistic and mechanical motion (this is a bit creepy for me).. Till I realize, Man, they're trying to build singapore as background!

The story was separated into four parts:
1. Sense of Belonging

The first traveller, open her raincoat, and open her suitcase. Inside was a red ballon. She then held the red ballons. It represent child's playing and a person face. She kisses the ballon, and the ballon is creativelly used to create graceful momentum. She dance with the red balloon, sensually, as the expression of a raw desire. But then she becomes too violent, and the ballon exploded into small pieces, which with a great sorrow, she gathers, and then she put her raincoat again, and become anonymously.
2. Evolution
The second traveller, attemps to impress other travellers. But all she got was rejection, and humorously expressed by unexpected use of dialects by the other travellers. With a despair, the traveller rolls up her shirt, revealing a face-like thing on her belly, a bit strange-green hues, and scar tissue texture (gross!)..
This face narrates a story of creation theory, using puppet to express the beginning of Being, the propagation, and its development which led to self-distruction. Then the Being exploded into particles, and waiting to be assembled again.
(After the show, i just know from my friend, that it actually echoes the current situation of global warming!)
Then the focus is back on the traveller. She earns the companionship of the puppet of the original being. (It was a great form of art, I couldn't describe how I feel, I love the soundtract, it really set the atmosphere!)
3. Revolutionary Change
The third part tells about breaking out of meaningless life routine. Represented by the third traveller, trying to adapt into life, by study, working, having fun, eating, sleep, study, working, etc.. Until one time, she feels enough and doubts the purpose if such life routine. This challange the other travellers from being a teacher-like, to a police like, with their batons who force her to go back into the routines. This confrontation is expressed in a puppet, showing up from her suitcase, with a scary face, half safety dummy, half eyeballs with flesh. (It was again so abstract, hard for me to describe, but the light and shadows were giving great atmosphere as well).
4. Hidden Ailments
The final chapter, is about a traveller, which has a bad body odor. Others tried to clean her up, brutally! Failing to remove it, they tried to stuff her into a suitcase! Or other word, they refuse her, and ask her to go back to her origin. The traveller breaks down, cried. With despair, she bares a scar on her chest (for me, it looks similar to the secont traveller). Seeing this, the other travellers, put out ther raincoat, and reveal their own ugly (disquisting) outgrowth to each other, and they extabilish bond. (In my opinion, it represent that we all have ugly thing, and we sometimes tried to hide it. Then in this case, they can know each others' ugliness, being open toward other and befriend)

The closing
They ceremoniously hang up their raincoats, and happily standing together with their new friends, under the singapore's rain..

What I feel after the show
This was a great theatre to start! It makes me think during the show, and I tried to catch up all things happening on the stage.. I love their acts, and the music create great atmosphere. My friends, Singaporean, said that it indeed reflected Singapore's life, how heavy the pressure from the community, etc.
Overall, It was great! I'll be looking forward to their upcoming shows.. And also other theatre performance as well