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Book Review: Mary and Carol Higgins Clark ~ Dashing Through the Snow

Another Christmas Time book from MHC and CHC :)

The story involved Alvirah, Willy, Luke, Norah, Regan and Jake... The setting was in the village of Branscombe, New Hampshire, where people are preparing for the first (and many hope annual) Festival of Joy.
There were a local market, own by a man who's recently wed. His wife is sort-of-full of ego, that she decided to force hum not to give any bonusses as usual to the employee, but only giving them a picture frame!!
The employees, needing money, learn that they have won $160 million in the lottery. Alvirah and Willy understand the joy and pitfalls of lottery winnings as they won $40 million a few years ago.  One of the co-workers, Duncan, decided at the last minute, on the advice of a pair of crooks masquerading as financial advisers, not to play. But he's actually the one providing the numbers, and was incharge of buying the lottery for his co-workers. Then he suddenly goes missing!! These two advisers is a liar ofcourse. They do not have any ability to be a financial adviser at all! A second winning lottery ticket was purchased in the next town, but the winner hasn't come forward. Could Duncan have secretly bought it?
Duncan's lover flew over fom California to New Hampshire, trying to surprice Duncan. However as Duncan missing, she is the one to be surprised..

As Alvirah and Regan is in the village, they started to help finding Duncan, and unfold the mistery.
My Comment:
Yay.. another book!! I love christmas! And I always love this mother-daughter duo's christmas series..
More over, I love Alvirah's character.. hihihi..
Alvirah, a former cleaning lady who won $40 million in the lottery, her husband Willy, Nora Regan Reilly, a mystery author, her husband Luke, their daughter Regan, a private investigator, and her husband Jack, from the NYPD is all in this story.. What more can I ask.. I miss them!!! :)
I recommend this book highly, I just can't put the book off, as I enjoyed it so much.
I totally hate the fnancial adviser's character!! And also the wife of market's owner! huh.. And felt sorry for Duncan and her lover..
I love the final part when everything is unfold.. The workers got their bonusses, and the b*tchy lady got her part for being a b*tch.. ups.. did i say that? lol..

Book Review: Just Take my Heart - Mary Higgins Clark

Just Take My Heart is released on the middle of 2010. I live in Indonesia, so not until late December then I have the chance to have it.

The story is basically about Greg Aldrich, the husband of a Broadway star, Natalie Raines. And Emily Wallace, an attractive 32 year-old assistant prosecutor.
So Natalie Raines live with her friend, Jamie Evans. And she recently tried to divorced Aldrich. Aldrich was too much to handle as he always stalked Natalie, trying to find if she had any lovers.
When Natalie was found dead in her house, Aldrich is the person to be accused, more over, Jimmy, a criminal, said that Aldrich paid him to kill Natalie, but Jimmy didn't accept it. Did Aldrich really plan the murder?
Emily Wallace is assigned to the case. As she spends increasingly long hours preparing for the trial, a seemingly well-meaning neighbor offers to take care of her dog in her absence. Unaware of his violent past, she gives him a key to her home...
Aldrich's trial is making headlines, because it involves a star, murder plan, and romance, what else can the public want? Her boss warns Emily that this high-profile case will reveal personal matters about her, esp. the fact that she had a heart transplant. And guess who the donor is!!
As Emily is getting busy, her dog is being ignored. A nice neighbor offer help. Emily thought that Zach is so nice, and she did ingore her dog too long, so she just simply give her keys to Zach. Without her knowing, Zach is a bit creepy, touches Emily's personal things.. Ewwww...
During the trial, Emily experiences sentiments (guessed it's from the heart?) kinda make her judgement blur?? And the jury decided Gregg Aldrich's fate, but Emily senses something is not right.. Her heart keeps on giving memories about the case (weird).. She keeps on searching informations, and her life is actually on risk...

My comment:
After reading this, I hate to say, that I could guessed the end.. And it's kinda weird if you're in an office and someone had heart transplant and no one knows? I thought at least she would need several days before and after the transplantation. More, the heart source is also weird, is it possible to be a donor without no one knowing?
Then Emily's reasoning and the juror session was a bit boring, perhaps as I'm not into law? I guessed it was too long.. hehe..
This is good to read for a lazy afternoon, but probably better if i borrowed from the library instead of buying it..
I would definetly reccomend her previous books to bought though. But for the sake of MHC, and as I'm good fan, I keep the book at my bookshelf.. :)
Anyway, I always love MHC's book, and after long time not reading her books, this kind of reminds me to her older books. And I do re-read My Gals Sunday after this.. haha..

My favourite author: Mary Higgins Clark

Mrs. Clark is my favourite author. I've been following her books since I was in highschool, and thankful that the library was so good, that they have almost all her books.
I started reading The Anastasia Syndrom, followed by Loves Music, Loves to Dance, and ever since, I read almost all her book.
Someone message my facebook today, and I just realize that I never even had any post dedicated to her.. What a bad fan! :(
Anyway, I'll try to make a review of her books, and post the links beside the list. And I'll try to update it as soon as possible, because there are so many books. I do have read them all, but I might not remmember all, so probably I could review some of her latest books only. And no worries, I'll update the list, if any new book coming..

MHC and CHC:
  1. He sees you when you are sleeping
  2. Christmas Thief
  3. Santa Cruise
  4. Deck the Hall
  5. Dashing Through the Snow (reviewed)

  1. Where Are The Children?
  2. A Stranger is Watching
  3. The Cradle Will Fall
  4. A Cry in the Night
  5. Stillwatch
  6. Weep No More, My Lady
  7. While My Pretty One Sleeps
  8. The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories
  9. Loves Music, Loves to Dance
  10. All Around the Town
  11. I'll Be Seeing You
  12. Death on the Cape and Other Stories
  13. Remember Me
  14. The Lottery Winner and Other Stories
  15. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
  16. Silent Night
  17. Moonlight Becomes You
  18. My Gal Sunday: Henry and Sunday Stories
  19. Pretend You Don't See Her
  20. You Belong to Me
  21. All Through The Night
  22. We'll Meet Again
  23. Before I Say Good-Bye
  24. On The Street Where You Live
  25. Daddy's Little Girl
  26. The Second Time Around
  27. Nighttime Is My Time
  28. You Belong to Me
  29. No Place Like Home
  30. Two Little Girls in Blue (reviewed)
  31. Ghost Ship: A Cape Cod Story
  32. I heard that song before
  33. Where Are You Now?
  34. Just Take My Heart (reviewed)
  35. The Shadow of Your Smile

COMING:  I'll Walk Alone (April 5th, 2011)


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Reflections of (almost) 22 years living life in earth

I wrote this because I just realize, it's almost 22 years since I was born. I am still figuring what my role in this huge world.

I warned you, this would be probably boring. It's basically the summary of my life, and the lesson I learnt.
Please leave comment :)
I started life in a very wealthy family, or atleast I think so, we never had no money. I always get anything I wanted. Parties in McD, or KFC, or anywhere I wanted to during my birthday. Going out with friends every saturday. Going to my dad's office, and ask for noodle, or any food I love. Going for homestay/vacation abroad.

I live in a very glamour life.. I stayed at Ungaran, which is a small city, and our family is quite well-known. If you said my dad's name at that time, most probably they know who you're looking for. He has a good reputation at our city, even when those people from goverment came, they/the assistant would mostly look for my dad, to borrow his car. When I think about it now, I guessed I must be very happy as a kid. I remember comparing my self to friends at my elementary school. I was quite arrogant, I guess. But I did manage to do some good deed. I remember helping some people paying of their tuition (even though it's paid with my parent's money).. I guessed at that time I just simply thought the money would never run off.

Until.. 1998, the economy was bad. My dad's company started to have problems, and suddenly it's all ended with a huge problem. Some one sued my dad, and the world started to tremble down. Yet, at that time, I just realize how strong my mom is. She didn't divorce him, inspite of everything that happen. It was really a bad memory for me, and I couldn't share it here. I'ld just simply say, at that time, crying was almost my daily activity. I cried when my mom n my sis are not around. I put on my mask and act happy infront of them.

Till one day, I think, my mom went to this pastor who stayed above our house. And don't know how, I ended to be there with her. And I just can't ressist crying infront of them. Missing my dad too much I guessed.
So we went to see him, though I can't enter because I'm too small. But I remember, that time, I was a bit relieve.
Another positive thing is that, what my dad has been through, bring him closer to God. And I guess this is the foundation of the existance of my faith.
After several days (1 or 2 months, I guessed), my dad is back at home. Life is hard for us, but we're surviving. And we move to Semarang, a bigger city compared to Ungaran. My life is never be the same. We struggle trough life as the factory is in a bad conditions, and at the end need to give everything out. Leaving my parents with only our current house, and everything else is under mortage on bank.
We've been through those instant noodle days, where we have nothing to eat besides instant noodles. Again, I was so glad that my mom could stay cold-headed despite the hardness they suffer. At that time, I was in Junior High. I sort-of become "straight a" student, aiming for the best in my class, and kind of separate me from my previous friends. I make other friends, but I don't think I could talk as convinient as I used to be with my elementary school friends. Life changes me, changes my mind on the life it self.

Highschool time, life is still hard.. haha.. But God is good, somehow each time we need money, he simply give us in his outrangeous way. I manage to have a sweet seventeen birthday party, in a hugh new hotel, with friends, and I was happy. At that time, our school held a music concert, we invite some singers from Jakarta, the event went well. As they realize it was my birthday, they even sang for me after the concert done. I was happy. I felt important. Then some of them went to my birthday as well. I was happy. Very happy. Super happy. Proud of my self. After all those gone, i just felt silly. Totally waste of money.. sigh.. I never learnt from what life has thought me. One of the things I could take note, is that sometimes people would do anything for you, if you have money. On the other hand, if you have money, you do have to think how to spend it WISELY. I failed.

So I graduated high school, and still suffer the bitterness of how I could silly headed, and still wanted to get a 17th birthday party, and wasted those money. I previously applied to several universities abroad. Got invited to a univ in Sydney, but I thought that it was another bad univ that would give you letter of acceptance if you have money.

I also got rejected in two univ in Singapore, NTU and NUS. I guessed I didn't do well in the entrance exam. Though I manage to meet the NTU prof, and ask for another chance, but ungranted. If I got it that easily, then there will be lots of student with same case at mine, it wouldn't be fair, right?

So I went to Surabaya instead. And study chemical engineering at UBAYA. During the orientation, I got the news that I'm accepted at the government university, as doctor. I never wanted to be a doctor. I can't stand the feeling that someone's life is at your hand. I won't be able to do anything if there is an emergency case. So, why did I even try the test? Simply to prove my self. I would say, I hate the admins at that university, who say that chinesse like me, won't be able to be accepted to their univ. Besides that, I guessed I must be hurt badly by the rejections from NTU and NUS, and I just need to prove that I'm smart.. Or maybe to prove that I'm as good as my cousin  who's studying medicine in government univ too.

My dad ask me if I wanted to enter the medicine school instead of chem eng. He said, it's okay to let go the money which we have paid to UBAYA. But I made my decision, I just stick at chem eng.
Uncles and aunties called. They thought that it was a silly decision, and some even wonder whether it's my dad's will that I went to UBAYA instead of the government univ. I tried to explained to them.

So four years I struggle during my bachelor degree. Ups and downs, I manage to sometimes get scholarship. Grateful for it. There were times when our family didn't have money, and yet God provided the scholarship, so we could survive. There were times I questioned why oh why I choose chem eng. But seeing it now, I felt blessed. It was all good.

I made friends, knew people's characteristic, and even changes lot. I first is a selfish girl, ask my friend, they'ld say so! I hope they think i'm better now :) I'm still moody, but a lot better :) I even manage to be an tutor/assistant, and learnt emosion control.. haha.. 4 years changes me!
Now I'm in NTU, I am marvelled, how God's way is beyond my imagination. 
I always dream to go abroad, US is a dream country for me.. haha.. But I don't think I will ever go there, even only for vacation, due to our economic condition..  God's way is not my way. I got accepted in NTU, and they sent me to study in Stanford. It is one of the best univ in the world, and I wouldn't think i will ever study there. Too expensive, too demanding, too presticious, and many other reason. I survived 2 months in stanford, manage to get gpa 3.5 from 4. Even got the chance to enjoy LA, Hollywood, Universal Studio, and San Francisco with my friends. And now I'm studying at NTU, who was previously reject me, but now giving scholarship to me. God plays in the weirdest way!

What I learnt from these almost 22 years is:
  1. I have to rely my life on God. He should be number 1, numero uno! I should be grateful!
  2. I need to learn more from my parents. How my dad teaches us, and make us how we're now. How my mom kept her faith and stand with my dad during the heavy time.
  3. All that I am now, its not because of my own strength. My friends changes me. My parents encouraging me. And My God is taking care of me in His hand!
  4. Failures are always there. Troubles will always exist. But it's how we responds to it will let us to a better life..
I wonder what the life will bring me in another 5 year. Where will I be then....

What did live taught you? Share your story..

Friday, 21 January 2011

WongFu Productions: These Four Walls

Wesley Chan wrote this on his twitter....
I thought tomorrow is the day.. But then, I saw a post on Singapore Love Wongfu Productions'  facebook account, saying that the video is up..
The link is here.. But I put on the video here as well.. Enjoy!

My comment:
I first thought that Wes would make sort of Italy's edition of "One day in HK".. With stories, actors, etc..
But then, this is not typical Wong Fu videos.. 
This video's main actor is...
a pinwheel..

I thought it's quite hard to understand what Wes' trying to say.. (or perhaps it's just my low understanding of art..) However, I do find that this his creativity need to be given a Kudos.. Well, who would thought to use a pinwheel to explain that the world is bigger than what we know, and the boundaries (walls) are actually built by ourself? The world is just bigger than the walls we made..

I have to admit, Italy is beautiful. Never been there, yet it is indeed one of the place that I'ld love to go. Actually, I'ld love to go to many countries in Europe.. Haha..
I enjoyed the scenery.. As well as seeing the lovely pinwheel rotating on those different places.. It's kind of reminding me to childhood, with the warm feeling.. And the mary-goes-around looks nice, isn't it? I wonder when is my last time riding on that machine.. hmmm...
The scene that I love most during the whole video is... These four...

I'm only doing screencaps and editing it :)

Video by   : Wesley Chan
Effect by   : Wesley Chan and Brian Chan
Music by   : George Shaw

P.S.: I want to go to Italy badly, like, NOW!!! :p Oh well.. Guessed next June I'll ask my fam to extend the europe trip, and add Italy..

Additional Note..
These four walls was released 21 January 2011 at Youtube.
And the music score was out today, 24 January 2012 at George Shaw's website. Go check it out!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Kina Grannis - A humble, lovely singer

Kina Grannis is a girl with a lovely voice, face, and great songs!! She won some contest ( like Doritos Crash the Super Bowl, and the recent one Sirius XM’s 2010) which proves that she really is good..

I came to know her (know = youtube + twitter stalking) at first is because of David Choi and her collaboration in the song My Time with You.. I love the melodies, and lyrics, and even their humming part.. I just simply love it as a whole!
I had to admit, her voice and her simple acts was enough to capture my ear's heart (if ear ever has heart)..
Check out the video that captures me down here!

Yap.. Since then (2 months ago?) I started stalking following her twitter, and found out that she reply most of the tweets she got.. And that she does have (or at least tried to make) a personal interaction with her fans  (kinerds, kination, and even she replied me and my friend!)..

She was previously unsigned, and released some self-released albums such as: Sincerely, Me ;  One More In the Attic ; In Memory of the Singing Bridge ; and the latest one, Stairwells..

I'm not really sure, but I think now she's signed by an independent label, and working on re-launching of Stairwells with additional songs..

What I like about her is that even the Kinerds do have a good friendship with each others, even with Kina and her family. Her shows, like the most recent one in El Rey is a very warm-communicative concert, where she manage to meet-and-greet the fans/supporters afterwards. Kina's sisters also appears alot at her videos, singing with her. Simple, warm, attractive. I would say those three words explain Kina's style..

Oh, one of my most favourite song is VALENTINE.. You can get it for free from Kina, at the link here.
(see, she's that nice!)
Do support her by buying her albums (although Stairwells are currently sold out now), itunes are still a good way to support her!

Here is Valentine - Kina Grannis

Kina rocks!!


During one of her QA twitter session, I asked her of going to Indonesia.. As you probably knew, David Choi is having a show to Singapore and Indonesia this June.. I was wondering how awesome it is to have both of them going here for a concert.. Here's what Kina replied..

Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Jubilee Project's January Fund Raising Video: 50 people 1 question

On top of my new year resolution is to do good, and share goodness...
And what else to do then to share the video from JubileeProject?
May be you've known them from my previous posts about their video?
Anyway, they are basically 3 people, with one passion, to make videos for a good cause. And they will post a new video (I guess 1 each month?), supporting one organization or one cause.

Follow their twitter, @JubileeProject! And also on TheJubileeProject's facebook!!

The fund for this month (January) will go to SUS.. Each time someone watch this video, a sponsor will donate some amount of money..
If you have the money and the passion to give.. You could do so, by emailing them at  saying how much you would like to donate, and what's your top donation (so you won't be broke after donating).. Or, if you don't have the money.. Just simply watch the video!! SHARE IT with your friends, and WATCH.. WATCH... and WATCH some more!! haha..

SUS is basically an organization that provides necessary mental and physical services for the neglected and needy. These people needs medicines ofcourse, but they also need a second chance to live..

If you're reading this after January, you could check their newest video on: here..

About the video...
Jubilee Project: 50 People, 1 Question
(as usual, just click the title to see it on youtube)

I've seen the teaser, and was very curious about what the question is..
And when the video finally out... i was surprised!
So.. the question is..
The answer on the video varies.. From not taking school seriously (ups.. that's seems like me..), having a bad relationship thing, school/college things, not having a good relationship with parents, not joining a protests, letting marriage weathering die, until a funny response of buying the wrong size of bra.. :p

At the time I watch this, I remembered all the things that I regret, from losing on competitions, not buying the clothes I really like when it's on sale, not being nice to my grandma, not thinking before speaking and at the end hurt some people.. The list was actually goes on and on through my mind.. And I kept watching and thinking at the same time.. Untiiill...

This girl showed up.. Saying she has no regret as the things she has done in life is what makes her who she is today.. Way too cool! Good point! I was too full with my own negative thinking to realize that without it, I wouldn't be who I am today..

I remembered what my dad said when I was very upset getting a complaint on how bad I did on my  work..
He said.. "God has a good plan for you. Do you realize that during these years, 17 years you're with us, you live in a glamourous life, getting everything you want from us? Then four years in uni, when you have problems, you still got your good friends backing you up? Now it's time for you to realize that the world is not that simple, girl, Outside world could be mean, but you still have God to rely on. And believe if you have problems, it means He wanted you to learn something. You learn from your mistakes.. Maybe you need to be changed afterall.."

Anyway, back to the video, My favorite is when this lady showed up!

She said, "My biggest regret?".. and thiiiiink.. and show some hillarious facial expression.. and said "I don't have one. I love my life, and I  have nothing else to say than It's great to be alive..  No regrets.."


 for my life, for who I am, for my family, for my friends, for every success I had, for every problems I had, for every failures I suffer, for every smiles and every tears..

Everytime, you're always there with me even when I'm down and didn't realize it.. :)
Thanks God..

Book Review: Precious Moment _ Storybook Bible

I love precious moments! But at first I thought this book is too expensive.
However, I got it at the end, and like it!

This book is very nice to read, esp. for small kids.
It contains bible stories, and with the lovely pictures of "precious moments icons"..
The story it self is on a large font, so it's easy to be read.
The book basically covers some  classic bible stories, from creation, the eden, flood in noah's time, and until Jesus going back to heaven. 15 stories at the total..
Also some praises and wisdom from Psalm and Proverbs.. And additional stories of faith.. Besides bible stories, there are also simple songs and prayers.

I would suggest to buy this for a "bed time story" time, so the kids can read along.. I'm sure it will add a value to the quality time we have...

I think this book is best for kids up to 10 years old.
Above 10, they may think it's too boring because the stories inside are somewhat popular stories that they might have known.. :)

I got this book from the BOOKSNEEZE.COM.. And ofcourse, this review is based on my personal point of view, and I'm not forced to write a positive comment.. :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

HaPpY NeW YeaR!! 2011 will be a ROCKing Year

Happy new year!

Few days ago, we have a special sun-rainbow appearance.. Check it out!

Cool isn't it??