Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Book Review: The Promises She Keeps

What would you do, if you are ill, and counting days before you die? What would you do, if somehow each time you survive from near to death experience, and there is another tragedy happening?
A book by Erin Healy :)
A young and talented artist named Promise is facing death. She tried to keep people remember her by trying to be famous. She actually survives from several accidents.
A character named Zack Eddy asks if he can take photos of Promise so he can draw pictures of her from them. During the shoot, her shawl blows away. Promise dives for to search for it it only to tumble down, almost drawn. Zack takes pictures of her dive to death, but miraculously she lives.
The other character is Chase, who is an autistic artist who fall in love with Promise..
In my opinion, the writer described this character well.
I would say, she has made enough desciption, that even without knowing he's autistic, I could conclude the symtom..
The third character was Porta, she was very cold blooded and hateful. She highlighted the whole story, because it's rare to find such character in Christian fiction.

The story was interesting, as more character being involved in the suspense story..
Other near death experiences always occur with Zack nearby occurs. He shows his photos to his pagan witch mom Porta Cerreto who believes Promise is the Goddess of Immortality and plans to use her for own purpose. As she stalks Promise, she orders her son to kill Promise to disprove her theory.

I would definetly reccomend this book, for a lazy saturday afternoon :)

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Matt Koval: 8 Dates

New series by Matt Koval, The title is 8 Dates.
Basically, through out the weeks, we'll get to know about Eva and her dates. She never had a date in 5 years, and her cousin Matt is trying to help her to find a date on valentines day.

Why Ava needs help, and what cousin Matt suggested her to improve before starting on dating.
Dates 1:
What not to say on first date..
Ava is kind of new to this dating-thing.. So she ask sort-of unapropriate questions..
Dates 2:
Meet the second date online.. Found out that he has no arms (he's limp)..
He's fun, hillarious, charming, but Ava can't resist to think about his limpness, and start asking silly question..

Dates 3:
Dating her older (senior) friend. He's nice, didn't mention about calories, let Ava choose the dessert (even two desserts) until it's time to leave..

Dates 4:
Dating someone who thinks u looked like his mom? Good or bad?

Dates 5:
Ava uses different approach.. by being sexy.. But then, his dates turned to be a zombie (not litterally)..

Dates 6:
Okay, this one is her effort to be a gay, with the help of wikipedia..

Dates 7:
Dating some one who can't forget his ex-girlfriend.. Awww..

Dates 8:
Last date? Turned out to be a date-coach.. what will Ava's score be?

Final Dates (Valentine day)
Additional date. at the valentine day.. Ava's been waiting for hours.. lonely, sad..
Destiny is not on her side this time, her date is sitting somewhere at the other corner of the resto.. saaad..

My comment:
I started following this because of Philip Wang ( is involved in date #2.
Seeing that the series is hillarious, every week i'll go to youtube, seeing the latest update from Ava and her dates..
Date #8 should be her last date, and I was upset seeing that it ended badly, but then there is final date.. I'm so happy.. Until.. I saw the final date... Nooo, I wanted a happy ending.. huhu..
Matt Koval (, would you made another additional date for the two-cat-lovers?? pleasseeee...

Saturday, 12 February 2011


Valentine day is coming!

I'm single, but I'm happy.
Hopefully someday soon, I'll have someone who loves me and appriciate me..
Ofcourse I will love him too :)

Listening to David's Valentine.. Truly encourage me..
I'm feeling joy, blessed, thankful to God for putting me in such lovely family, and lots of great friends..
I love them all, and I knew they love me..
Love is not only a boyfriend/girlfriend thing..
But if you think it is, and you're still single, just believe that Love will find it's way! :)


I see a couple strollin' down the street

They're so in love,
There is not a worry
And to the clock they said goodbye
They ain't in a hurry

And sometimes I feel kind of lonely
Ask myself where is my one and only
Until she comes to me, I'll wait
Until then I shouldn't be feeling this way

Won't let no Valentine's get me down
Or when Christmas time comes around
Just cuz I'm alone right now
Don't mean I should hold a frown

Oh in the meantime love is here you'll find
The simple things that slip your mind
The joy of hope for better days
You know that love can find its ways

When you finally find the one who you can call your own
You can tell yourself the wait was worth it all
Cuz you got something here to last forever

I can smile cuz there's so much in store
The future holds for me more than I will ever know
Shouldn't make no room for feeling sad

Won't let no Valentine's get me down
Or when Christmas time comes around
Just cuz I'm alone right now
Don't mean I should hold a frown

Oh in the meantime love is here you'll find
The simple things that slip your mind
The joy of hope for better days
You know that love can find its way

Won't let no Valentine's get me down
Or when Christmas time comes around
Just cuz I'm alone right now
Don't mean I should hold a frown

Oh in the meantime love is here you'll find
The simple things that slip your mind
The joy of hope for better days
You know that love can find its ways

Happy Valentines Day!! :)

P.S. For David Choi Fans out there, beside the well known, there is a new blog dedicated for davidchoi.. It's :D

Friday, 11 February 2011

Jubilee Project: Beautiful

February!! It's the love month..
Okay, had to admit, it sucks to be single on feb.. hihi
However, Kina Grannis's Valentine make it much much better.. ;)
I'm a huge fan of Kina Grannis, i have stairwells at my ipod, and valentine is one of the best song of her! :)
Anyway, as usual, a new month means a new fund raising from the Jubilee Project.
I always love to share their video, simply because it is a good video for a good cause :)
These month's fund is dedicated to Becky's fund, which is basically provide education, guidance, and help for women who got domestic and dating violence. I am lucky to be born in such a loving family, but I'm sure not many are as lucky as I am.. Becky's fund is a great organization which would help women to stand up and stopped the cruelty happening at their life. In my humble opinion, even though women got beaten by their "lover",  it's hard to stand up, and try to stopped being the target. We're usually think, "oh well, this to shall pass", or "but I love him", or something like that.. OR... Sometimes, when people know that there are violence in others relationship, they tend to ignore it.. :$
Check out more about Becky's fund here..

The link for Jubilee Project's Beautiful is here! I won't upload the video, as I'm not sure whether it will count for the donation.. Just click on the link, it will direct you to the video :)

Share some love, share the link!!

About the video..

These people, husbands, fathers, boyfriends share what they thought about the women who made their lives complete.. :)
I actually favourited some quotes.. But to be fair, I'll put all their quote.. Sorry for the typo if any..
"You're most beautiful when you're mad at me."
"You're most beautiful when I came home after a long day at work"
"When you're bossing me around" --> we love to be the boss!
"You're most beautiful when you're natural. No make up" --> good, means we don't have to put makeups? then we could safe the money to buy new shoes and clothes.. :p lol..
"You're most beautiful when you're wake up in the morning. Specially when you have your mouthcrown?"
"You're most beautiful when you and your sister are doing homework together"
"You're most beautiful when you helped me dressed in the morning"
"When you're talking about your dreams"
"You're most beautiful when you tell me why we didn't won a present"
"..." some spanish words?? I can't catch it.. sorry
"When you're laughing at my stupid little jokes"
"When I see God in you" --> I want my future boyfriend sees God in me :) But it will be great if we can see God in each other, and we could impact others life.. :)
"When you're taking care of the sick"
"You're most beautiful when you danced" --> nice dance! :)
"You're most beautiful when you make no sense at all" --> whattt?? haha..
"You're most beautiful when believing your self"
"You're most beautiful when I think about you as a mother/model"
"When we fall asleep together on the phone" --> I love to talk on the phone, but never felt asleep while phoning.. :/ (hey Eric! haha)
"You're most beautiful when you're right and I'm wrong" --> that's what i called girl power! :)
"You're most beautiful when you smile when you see me" --> the question is, did you smile back? make sure you do!!
Get ready, these are my favourites.. and The Jubilee Project put it on the last.. which is kind of sweet!
"You're most beautiful when you're the last person I see before bed, and the first person I see when I wake up!"
 "You're most beautiful with each new day, as we grow old together"
"You're most beautiful when.. you're always beautiful!" --> Awww...

See, almost all the guys did quite good job.. Ladies, its our turn.. Make something like .... You're most handsome when....? Shall we?
oh well.. just an idea..

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Book Review: Two Little Girls in Blue ~ Mary Higgins Clark

Do you believe in TWIN'S POWER?
I always dreamed of having a twin sister..  Starting from the movie i watched long time ago, where there is 2 twin girls, having the ability to teleport to their sister's place, or knew exactly what her sister think..
I also wanted to have a twin daughter.. Which I thought must be lovely.. :)
Anyway.. This book, Two Little Girls in Blue, basically tells a story about twin girls..

The story..
Steve and Margaret Frawley has 2 daughter, Kathy and Kelly. That day was the twin's birthday. After celebrating their kids' birthday, Steve and Margaret went to a dinner in New York. They went home eventually, and their kids are gone! Kidnapped.. The worst nightmare that a parent have..
Eight million dollar. That's the amount asked by the kidnapper.. Steve's company, which is in a bad condition, thought that it's the time to increase their reputation, by helping Steve to pay the sum.
The day came, and Steve manage to give the money. He expect to see both his kids in exchange, however, all he found was a car, a dead-driver, and his daughter Kelly. There's also a note, saying that the driver is sorry, he had killed Kathy and dumped her body.
On the other side, the kidnapper's group was helped by a lady (Angie), who wanted to have a child. Kidnapping both girls have made her dreams came through, and as Kathy is sick, Angie loves her more than Kelly. And when Kelly is returned, Angie held Kathy and threat her as her own daughter.
Steve and Margaret, being broken hearted by the death of Kathy, held a private memorial. However, during the service, Kelly constantly said that Kathy wanted to be home. Margaret heard this, and eventually became anxious.. If Kathy is alive, she should be found as soon as possible.
Lead by Kelly's warning, Margaret found the strength to force the FBI agents, and also her husband, who didn't believe that Kathy is still alive.
Kathy is in a very sick conditions, and Angie started to be mad at her. As Kathy getting weaker, her conditions became more in danger. The FBI agent tried to found her, depending on Kelly's institution. However, as Kathy getting weaker, so does Kelly..
At the end, there are a surprise on who the plan maker for the whole kidnap scenario.. Read it!! :)

My comment:
I actually read this book 3x.. First was around 5/6 years ago, and the last was somewhere around last November. It was great to read about twin's telephaty, and their interaction.
In my humble opinion, in this type of writing Mary Higgins Clark is the best. She manage to involved me on Kelly's feeling, and also Margaret's stress. I felt that, a mother should be loving her kids, and I am really pleased in how MHC express Margaret's feeling and frustration when no one believed her and Kelly.
I enjoyed reading each and every pages.
I really hated Angie, for being so selfish and so ignorance. And also I found the clerk's role a bit weird, why she didn't contact police, but go and check the kidnapper.. And there are a lot of people who actually suspect the kidnapper, but they didn't say a word to the police.. weird..
Anyway, I truly recommend this book.