Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ayrine's first NGO experience

NGO.. What's that?? I even dunno what it stands for..
The person who's tell me that NGO stands for Non Goverment Organisation is Sari..
Applause for her..

The story started with a post at www.couchsurfing.com
A guy named CAKCAK said there will be an NGO meeting in Sby n they need some volunteers for translator.
I thought this was a great opportunity.
I love to see whether I could be involved with such humanity, social things..
So I just simply e him that YES I could help, but only for a day.

So the day was last saturdat, 24th oct. It was actually 3 days meeting. I was afraid at the beginning, wondering whether it was a good decision that I joined them.
Then I come at the meeting point at Hotel Santika, at 8.18. I was late..

And intoduction begin. There are 7 translator, 4 from Untag (which I guess pro), and the rest was from cs.
We're soon introduced to Mrs. Wardah (sort of the leader I guess), and not long after that we're divided to 3 groups.
I am paired with Mas Tomo from UNTAG, and we'll go to Kampung Kebraon.
We're accompanying 6 foreigners, from NGO and also community leaders from their country.
At kebraon, we've some sharing with the villagers. Seen how they survive and manage their life as the river guardian.
Also learned some historical stories about the network maintained by UPC.
We also learned how people at Japan, thailand, and philipines had the similar situation.
Its a learning process for everyone..

After that we went to kali bratang, see how to make fertilizer (kompos) and also plant some bamboos simbolicly..
Next, we went to ITS, for a regional workshop. Prof. Johan silas explained about the kampung improvement program that he maintained.
Also there are some presentation about the history of this program, and from thailand, philipines, and even MONGOLIA!!!

I saw these, and did some translating. Really hope I am usefull..
I like how these people showed that they care, that they listen, they learn, and they do things for the villagers..
Well but not every translator enjoy the day like me.
Just found it out late at nite.
So even in NGO, we could find a sleepy and bored person, a nasty person, and even a weird person with such complicated mind..
But as prof. Johan said, its a learning process..

Glad I joined them, even for a day only.
It was nice and open a new horizon for me..
I'll see whether its my call to use my knowledge as chem eng to help.. Hmm..

So, it's my first experience, and I'm still eager to find out more about NGO..

Monday, 26 October 2009

Nostalgia di Malang

I just come back from malang. Memoriesss.. Lots of memories flying over. Remembering two months ago when I stay there..

I was working for the factory in pasuruan (it's part of the undergraduate degree lesson), and if I stick on staying in surabaya, it will waste many time. Porong is still very crowded. So we decided to rent a room in Malang. And everyday we drove through malang-purwosari, pasuruan.

What we do when we come back to malang?
After we come back from the factory, we always walk to a baked meatball restaurant. Our room was near ABM, and the meatball there was SUPER!!


Today after finishing the report and send it to the factory, we decided to drop by, and buy meatball! I loooovee it..
Actually, we buy "soto" first, for 6500 rupiah, it is considered so cheap. then afterthat the second round goes for the meatball.. Soo full ..

Then we go to brawijaya museum. Cool place, too bad no picture-taking is allowed.
Inside the museum, we found many old-guns, old-car, and library. To bad it's seem oldies, no maintainance. Very dirty, dusty, and a bit humid.

Then we crossed the street, went to the malang library. Still in Ijen street. the library is so cool! There are many sciencetific books, but they also have comic books! cool!

Too bad it was very crowded, and it was very hot, unlike the UBAYA library which is very cold. The aircon didn't operate really well I guess.

Before we went back to surabaya, we drop by to Bakpio Telo

Buying some food for friends in Surabaya. Trying the Vanilla-telo icecream. (I didn't like it at all, bad choice)Fiuuuh..

I really love to go to malang, to be exact, my stomach is very satisfied!
Malang is truly a great place for an eating trip!

Go malang Go!!!