Sunday, 15 August 2010

Stanford summer session is over

Today stanford summer session that i'm taking is over. Got two exam, one at 9 am, one at 3.30 pm.
The first one is still okay. The second one, i just gonna leave it to God.. :)
Hmmm.. 8 weeks passed sooo fast!! I recall the first week, still getting used to everyone..
Now I don't know what I feel..

I just know, stanford is indeed a good university, i love the lectures, i just hate that i have to take all the exams.. can i just sit in class, and not taking any exam, and passed? hehe.. (P.S. I noted some of you might have question about life in stanford during summer session, leave me a comment down there, i'll reply asap)

My lecturer.. Are all very unique.. Sandy, very funny when he bump his head with his hand.. we can hear the sound, very loudly.. hahaha.. Craig, one of the nicest lecturer i ever know. he is very interesting, can make the lesson more understandable.. Derek, what can I say.. he's so cool.. and he did succeed in making me interested in the rivers, streams, and canals.. ;) Royal.. He help a lot on the project, and indeed he's one of the most supportive lecturer..

The TA.. what can i say.. Jun Hee, she's nice, her english is a bit hard to understand (it's my lack of knowledge, definetly not her fault). She's so helpful, but sometimes did wrong calculation on problem session.. maybe she's nervous because a nice girl like me is there? hahaha.. Xindu, also nice guy, but not much interaction as the office hour is in sunday. I mean, helloo, sunday?? office hour?? anyway, he's nice. Liana, one of the attractive person! Derek is fun, Liana is also fun!! She's the type of supportive, looks to be happy almost all the time. Never join her problem session, so can't give much comment. Todd, no prob session ofcourse, but he's so detailed! Which is good by the way, as our paper really got many minor typo. MANY!! haha.. felt sorry that he actually had to corrected all those 18 pages typos.. hahaha..

My mark? Forget it.. What's done is done.. hahaha

My room? Nice, a bit cold, but blanket does help a lot!!

My roommate? wonderful! She's so smart, and not lazy like me.. hehe.. she also wake up very early and i did feel blessed, she makes sure i'm awake on the last final exams! Thanks!!!

My classmates? Fun!! I did meet looots of interesting people. I hope at NTU we'll get to know each other more :)
I am going to have FUN in NTU forsure!!! :P

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Learning to Cook

After almost 6 weeks here,
I started to learn cooking.. finally.. hahaha..
Luckily I have 3 friends, who voluntered them selves to be my experiment bunny (thought they're just lazy to cook.. hahaha..).. I'm so grateful that they agreed to taste it..
Things I managed to cook:
1. Spinach soup with prawn
2. Sauted Pok Choy with garlic
3. Noodle+prawn+pok choy
4. Scrambled egg tofu
5. Fried prawn
6. Soup : chicken+beans+tofu+garlic

I just cook the simple simple simple things, as I said I could not cook.. hahaha
I hope I'm getting better at cooking :P