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Book Review: I'll Walk Alone - Mary Higgins Clark

I have just realize i missed the release date for this book :(
It's out sometime ago, last April if i'm not wrong..
And yet, i just know it today! What a awful fan..


Alexandra Moreland, known as Zan to her close friends, was already separated with her husband Edward "Ted" Carpenter when she noticed that she's pregnant. When her husband offered her to take a responsibility of the kid, Zan refuses him, as she though he wasn't expecting it. But Ted has been nice and accepted her refusal. So they lived separatedly, and Ted was in a state where he had to pretend to love an artist under his management, Melissa Knight.  Melissa was a huge and famous artist, she was irreplaceable in his company, and he needed the money he get from taking care her. All three of them lived quite peacefully, until one day, when Zan was in a hurry for a meeting with a potential client, she let their son, Matthew, to be taken care by Tiffany. Tiffany was a girl Zan trusted, she's been babysitting Matthew several times. But that day Tiffany was a bit sick, so Zan gave her a drink, and a flu medicine.
Later that afternoon, Matthew was sleeping at the baby carriage, and Tiff take him to the park. Tiff fallen asleep as well, and wake up two hours later, finding that Matthew is gone! It put her into a very stressful condition, and she just didn't know how she's going to tell Zan.

Two years later, Matthew is still gone. No one heard anything about him.
On the other side, Matthew was save with Gloria. All Matthew knew was they're hiding from bad people. And Glory was there to help him hide. They have been moving around several times, and Matthew missed her mother so much. He's been putting soap under his pillow, because it smells just like mommy.

Gloria was an make-up artist, so she could do imposter very well. This task started to iritate her, because it was longer than it intended to do. She also started to like this little boy, as he's so smart. But at the same time, she wanted it all to be done, and went on with her career as an actress. The man who plan all of this said it's going to be done soon. And it will end with a death!

As a catholic, Gloria went to church, she felt guilty. When she saw the Father, Father Aiden O'Brien, at the Reconciliation Room, she was just able to say "I know a murder that someone is planning to commit and I can't stop it." And feeling guily, she didn't tell him the rest. Father Aiden was left in shocked.

It was on Matthew's 5th birthday, that Ted called Zan up for a dinner. And so they had it. In the middle of the dinner, Josh, Zan's dear assistant, rushed in. He showed them a picture taken by a tourist when the day Matthew gone. It seems that the woman taking Matthew from the baby carriage was Zan! Ted can't believe it, and he just went mad at her.

Since then, Zan's life was shaken. It seems that all evidence shown that it was indeed her, kindapping Matthew. Even the baby sitter, Tiff, started to say bad about her, how it is possible that Zan put a sleeping pills into the pepsi she drank. Tiff was a bit irritated because these years, people has been accusing her for being careless. Ted didn't believe her as well. Zan's also getting her bank account drawn by unknown hacker, and some strange purchases appeared on her credit card. The key witness who Zan was talking with during Matthew's kidnap suddenly said Zan was late on their meeting. Her ex-bos, Barthley Longe, has did his best to beat her in every project she's going. Even the new potential customer, Kevin, who first thought he'll give the project to Zan, decided to choose Longe because of these matter. The world seems to be against her.

After dreadful details, Zan was put into jail, but Willy Meehan bailed him out. Willy and Alvirah were a good friend of Zan, since Zan wrote to Alvirah on how she loves Alvirah's article on kidnap. Alvirah liked Zan, and ordered her to re-do their apartment. Since then they're good friends.

Then Zan realized someone has set this trap for her. It was in her mind that the one to blame was her ex-bos, Longe. However, no one believed her, not even the detectives.
With Kevin, Willy, and Alvirah's help, and also the lawyer, Charles, they started to seek for the truth..

For sure, it wasn't Zan. If she said it wasn't her, so it can't be her, they trusted her.
And at the end, it was proved that some one did imposter her. It started with an ex-cop saying that there was 2 woman looked like Zan.. Which is ofcourse Gloria and Zan..
And Kevin found out that Ted was the one behind this all, since he found a spy-camera in Zan's rooms.

But there is only small time left, will the police able to reach Gloria's house and safe Matthew before Ted's man come and kill them? Will Zan ever saw her son again?

My review
It's been quite sometime since the last time i read Mary Higgins Clark's book. I recall last time, I could guessed easily who is the bad guy. But this time, i think i lose that ability :p
I fall miserably by believing that it was Barthley Longe who set up all these plots against Zan.
But I do like how Mrs. Clark put all the small details, like how Tiff notice the sandals that Zan's imposter looked different. Or how Father O'Brien notice the woman's hand is smaller than Zan's hand..
And she use Alvirah again! Alvirah is still one of my favourite character.. And it's good to imagine how she did good again..
But after finishing the book, and thinking for several seconds, it seems that Mrs. Clark was back at her usual plots after all. She hasn't changed! She put the small details that made us guessed the wrong person, and the bad guy was actually the guy we thought was kind, and how the police was wrong but able to resolve the problems at the end..
Anyway, this book is definetly shouldn't be missed if you're a Mary Higgins Clark's fan

Book Summary: The Duke and I (Bridgerton Series) - Julia Quinn

The first girl in Bridgerton Series..! Daphne's love story is definetly one of the most interesting story written by Julia Quinn. This book is the first book out as Bridgerton Series.

Before we go to Daphne.. We have to know a bit about the hero in this story.. :)

Simon.. his mother passed away when giving birth to him.. And as known by public, Simon's father, Duke of Hastings put much big hope for him. Even when Simon was only 2 years old, his father already give him a pony, a gun and some tutors! A bit to early for a duke's education in his nurse's opinion. But Duke of Hastings didn't care at all. All his life, he had waited for his heir. And when his wife finally gave birth to Simon, he's extremely happy.


 At 4 years old, The Duke realize that Simon didn't talk.. He's so furious, and nearly hit the nurse. And little Simon started to yell "No!".. The duke was relieved.. But next, he heard Simon said, "Don't you h-h-h-h-h-h--"..
That's it.. The Duke decided that Simon is a moron. He went back to London, and since then it was quite common that people thought Duke's Little boy passed away.

When he was a bit older, Simon and the nurse went to visit his father. The buttler was quite surprised, as they all thought the Duke has no son. Simon managed to learn how to speak fluently, only failed one or two time.. They meet the Duke, and yet, facing his father, he can't control his emotion.. And so, Duke of Hastings ask him to leave, saying there is no place for Simon there.
Since then, it was in Simon's mind to keep being the exact opposite of what his father wanted him to be.

Few years later, Simon grew up, studied in Eton and Oxford (without his father's approval at first, but then knowing his son is good at study, he said nothing) and eventually befriended with Anthony Bridgerton. One day, he was on Lady Danburry's ballroom, and heard a woman voice "No".. He was planing to be present in Lady Danbury's party, greeted her, and left. If he's helping this woman, there is no way no one won't notice him. 

"Nigel," the girl was saying, "you really shouldn't have followed me out here"

But I love you!" the young man cried out in a passionate voice. "All I want is to make you my wife"

He decided to help the girl, but as he stepping out, the girl hit the young man. And rather irritated to find some one actually view that incident, the girl, Daphne, saw him and ask "Who are you?"
But, Nigel, the young man, was still half-councious, asking Daphne to marry him.
Simon finally realized that he was facing Anthony's sister. He was surprised knowing that he did felt something for Daphne. And as Nigel kept on bugging, he can't help but hit him. Daphne, being a nice young lady, thought it was not good for anyone to see this scene. After several chat with Simon, they finally decided to let Nigel be unconcious in that place.

The night hasn't come to end, and after several encounters, Daphne and Simon ended up dancing together. Then, they come into a discussion, leading that they will play a court, so that Lady Bridgerton (Daphne's mom) will stop forcing and questioning her into marriage. And at the other hand, Simon, won't have to deal with debutantee and their mothers.

The following day, Daphne found he got several suitor, way to go as she has got very little gentleman courting her. Simon also decided he had to court her in order to make everyone think that they love each other. Anthony didn't agree at the idea Simon courting his sister. Finding it is neccesary, Daphne and Simon thought it is best to let Anthony knew the plan.
Ofcourse Anthony didn't agree at all at their crazy plan. But Daphne, manage to bring him to fact that it will definetly benefit her, as today, she had encounter men's starting to show their attraction to her.
So, heavy heartedly, Anthony approve the plan.

Slowly but sure, Simon and Daphne grow an affection toward each other. After one incident at
Lady Trowbridge's annual ball, where Daphne and Simon kissed, Daphne realize she did love him. But Anthony can't stand knowing his best friend is courting his sister. He knew Simon to well, he's a woman player! So Anthony and Simon are off for a duel.

Daphne know she had to do something, so with Colin's help, she went to the duel. She asked them all to stop, and she clearly stated the duel wasn't neccesary, as she will marry Simon.
Lady Bridgerton was so relieved. In her opinion, Daphne choose to love a good man. And the girls in Bridgerton family were excited for the upcoming wedding.

 On the other side of London, Anthony manage to come to Simon's house. Atleast, as the oldest of Bridgerton, he has to make sure that his sister is safe and happy. And if Daphne chooses Simon, then he'll accept it.. "I give you my word," Simon said. "I will do everything in my power to keep Daphne safe and content."

It's a wedding for Simon and Daphne.. A joyous and full of laughter wedding!

Everything seemed perfect..
Until Daphne found out that Simon has lied to her. Simon said he can't have children, and Daphne was okay with that because she loved him. That's what matter. It turned out, it's not he can't have children, he just won't have children. They had their very first quarrel.

"Your  actions, your choices—" she continued, her eyes growing very sad, "They have nothing to do with you, with what you want, or what you need. Everything you do, Simon, every move you make, every word you speak—it's all just to thwart him." Her voice broke as she finished with, "And he's not even alive"
Unable to control his emotion, Simon decided to left the house.
Thinking how Simon left her, Daphne felt alone. And she thought, it is time to go home.
So she went back to the Bridgerton House.

Seeing her alone, Lady Bridgerton can't help to ask where her husband be. Full of grief, Daphne manage to ask her mom to let her be home. Few days later, Colin paid visit. He was beyond furious. But Daphne insisted him to stay away from her marriage.
After three week, Daphne decided it is time to say something to Simon. She was writing a letter, when Anthony burst in to the room.

For sure, Anthony was mad. He might as well kill Simon as he let Daphne suffer. But Daphne made up her mind, that her marriage is her problem. Anthony should just stay away. But Anthony also had his mind set. He won't let Simon passed away from this.
After a bit of chat, they decided Anthony will be delivering Daphne's letter to Simon.

Finally Anthony met Simon. He can't help to ask Simon why he did this, "It's obvious you love her. And much as I can't comprehend it, she seems to love you as well"..
Simon could only manage to say that there are things Anthony could not understand.
Anthony stated, he was able to drag Simon to London, but he won't do that. If Simon did come to London, it should be because of Daphne. So Anthony passed her letter to Simon..

Later that day, Simon read Daphne's letter. He was shock. Daphne was pregnant.

So Simon went to London as soon as his carriage was ready.
Will Simon accept Daphne's pregnancy? Will Daphne forgive Simon for what he did?
Will they both married happily ever after? :)

Book Summary: An Offer from a Gentleman (Bridgerton Series) - Julia Quinn

An Offer from a Gentleman is the third book from the Bridgerton Series. This book is the story of Benedict, and his dear wife, Sophie.

Sophie's story..

Sophie Beckett was a daughter of Earl of Penwood. She's not a official daughter though, as the Earl clearly stated that she was an old friend's daughter. All the servants never mentioned it, as they all quite adore Sophie. And the Earl didn't care a bit for her. He just make sure that Sophie is well accepted in the house. And he went on with his life, not really care about Sophie.
Until one day, the Earl married a woman, who has 2 daughters. Sophie was so happy that she will have a sister! But she found that the countess hated her.

And so did her first daughter, Rosemary. Her second daughter, Posy, is more friendly to Sophie. She sometimes show kindness and care to her, but most of the time Posy said her mother forbid her to be nice to Sophie.

Until four years later, the earl passed away. And one of the statement in his will is that Araminta, the duchess, will get 2000 a year, unless she take care of Sophie until she turned to 20, and in that case, she'll get 6000 a year. Araminta agreed to take care Sophie, but she left out the details why she wanted to do so.

Lady Whistledown's newest paper was about Lady Bridgerton's upcoming masquerade ball. She also wrote about Benedict and Collin, and how she think both of them are the prime catch of the season.
This made Araminta determined that either Rosamund or Posy is going to marry one of them. So they both have to be on their best appearance.

On the other hand, Sophie never once step into a ball. Araminta has made it clear that Sophie is considered a maid in their family. Lady Whistedown's paper is the only way Sophie can know how it feels to attend a ball.

Reading the first chapter, how Araminta treated Sophie, i kinda felt like reading Cinderella story, so I'll let that aside, and move on to after Araminta and her daughters went for Lady Bridgerton's ball. Sophie saw the carriage went away, and she was thinking to read today's Lady Whistledown paper.
But Mrs. Gibbons, the housekeeper, insist her going. She and three other maids helped Sophie to bath, get dressed, and of course make up.. She is indeed ready to go for the ball. Mrs. Gibbons assure her, that she'll have a great time, but she have to get back before midnight. (Really a Cinderella story?)

When Sophie met Benedict..
Benedict knew nothing about her. He just saw a girl, with utterly beautiful smile, as if she is really happy, her beauty come within, she just glow.
Brushing of the gentlemen surrounding her, Benedict said that she has own him a dance.
And so they danced.. Or actually, as Sophie never knew how to dance, Benedict taught her. Yes, dancing lesson, at a ball..!
The dance was held on a private terrace.. Benedict was a Bridgerton, and it was indeed her mother's ball. So it did make sense that he had a private terrace.. But, Sophie didn't know who he was. Innocently, she agreed to go with him.

They were on the way tp the private terrace, when Colin catch them up. From their apparance, Sophie finally realize, she was facing the two most eligible bachelor, Benedict and Colin..
Colin went away, leaving both of them together.
Benedict was a bit curious.. Why is this lady keeping secrets? She won't give out clue of who she was.
They did dance. It was a great time for both of them. And He's trying to know her identity, but she kept refusing to say who she was. Until the midnight gong was heard.

Sophie run, and she incidentally hit Araminta. Thank God her step mother doesn't recoqnize her. So she went directly to the carriage and went back.
Which left our man, Benedict, gazed at the empty stair. But luckily he still held one of her gloves. It said the initial, SLG, with a family symbol that he didn't know. He decided he'll ask his mother, Lady Bridgerton.

Violet did recoqnize the symbol. It was for Earl of Penwood. And she did curious of why Benedict insist to know that symbol. And so Benedict tell the story to his mother.
She can't believe that he'll like any of Penwood's daughter.. Oh well, Rosemary and Posy seemed not to be his type. And she didn't like the Countess as well.. But if Benedict like them, then she won't object it.

Back at the Penwood House, Araminta was furious to know someone used her satin shoe. Sophie tried to tell her, she could try brushing the shoe. And Araminta ordered her to brush all her shoe, which is waaaay a lot.. Suddenly the buttler announced a gentleman is there to meet Araminta. She was so thrilled, so she order Sophie to reassure Rosemary and Posy are presentable, and that Rosemary locked Sophie on her closet.

It was Benedict afterall. And when he saw both ladies, he knew that his mystery girl wasn't there. He tried to ask Araminta the possibility of any other daughter she had, far relatives, and such. Which made Araminta a bit curious. Then knowing his attempt failed, he went back. But Araminta and the girls spotted him holding a glove. And Araminta come into conclution that the one he's been looking for was Sophie.

Furious as she was, Araminta kicked Sophie out of her house. Sophie was left with no other option, other than to steal Araminta's shoe clip. And then the next morning, she went off outside London.

Two years later..

Sophie was a maid at Cavenders family. There was a party held by their eldest son. Benedict was bored and decided to leave, so he tried to find Philip Cavender who was the host of the party.
Philip was trying to rape her, and Benedict came in time. He saved her, but he was unaware that Sophie was the girl he's been searching for.

Benedict brought her to "MY COTTAGE". It was raining hard, and the housekeepers (Mr and Mrs Crabtree) weren't there. Sophie tried to search for the servant's corner, but Benedict insist that she should accompany him, lightning the fire and dried themselves. Then he asked her help to light the furnace in two rooms, as she is not a servant there.

Benedict was sick. So Sophie slept a bit, and watched him in his room. She must be fallen asleep, as the next morning she was surprisedly waken up by Mrs. Crabtree. But they realize Benedict was sick, and it was the urgent thing. Mr and Mrs Crabtree like Sophie, so they insist to keep her there.
With Mrs Crabtree's full stocked of food, and with Sophie's presence, Benedict went healthier day by day.
Oh, and so did their relationship grew. And Benedict started to realize he like Sophie's presence.
At the same day, Benedict kissed her, and asked her to go to London and lived with him.

Dreams come true?

With a bit forcing Sophie, Benedict managed to get her accompany him to London.
When Violet met Sophie, she tought she met this girl before. There was something familiar with Sophie. But she can't recall. Sophie was hired as an upstair maid of Bridgerton House.
But, one can't expect to enter Bridgerton House without feeling as a family, right?

One day, while trying to escape from Benedict, Sophie incidentally saw Araminta. She tried to hide, but Posy saw her. It might be her fearful expression that made Posy said no word to Araminta. And when they're gone, Sophie stayed hiding for another some time.

And Benedict kissed Sophie again.. It was in his bachelor house..
And since then, Sophie and Benedict tried to stay away from each other.

One day, Benedict asked Violet, how if he married someone with a far lower class than him.
Note that Violet was a good mother, she knew what, or who he's talking about. She assured him, she loved him and will accept what ever his decision is.

At that time, Benedict realize he loved Sophie. And when he went upstair, he saw Sophie played with his cousins, and he come into conclution, Sophie was his mystery girl.
He's mad! Sophie was forced to tell him the reality. Who she was, and such.
So she decided, it's time to leave Bridgerton House.
She said her farewell to Violet, and Violet insist to fetch her with their carriage.
Sophie was waiting for the carriage, when Araminta appeared. MAD. Because of her shoe clip.
Sophie was thrown into jail.

On the other side of the story, Colin had a very nice brotherly chat with Benedict. Which lead Benedict into conclution that he must mary Sophie. So he went to Bridgerton House, but Sophie wasn't there. His mother said that Sophie disappear just as she tried to find their carriage. It turned out Violet didn't realize that Sophie was sent to jail. Until Hyacinth showed her the latest Whistledown's page about Sophie.

It was now Araminta, the Countess of Penwood, versus Sophie, the maid. Will the judges trust Sophie? Benedict and Lady Bridgerton come to rescue her, and it is now three against one.
And Benedict insist that the magistrate had to release his fiancee. But Araminta insist Sophie stole her shoe clip. Then Posy saved the day, by dramatically asked to be jailed as she was the one who stole the shoeclip. It was a hard day indeed for the magistrate.. Poor him..

And so Sophie got the first turn to tell him the story. She told him everything from the beginning. How she was the daughter of Earl of Penwood, although never acknowledge as one, how Araminta hate her since the first day they met, and how she treated her when the earl passed away, how she turned to be a slave. Posy burstly told everyone that the earl actually left a dowry for Sophie. Araminta can't denied it.

And so that is the highlight of the day. Posy went back with the Bridgerton's family, while Araminta made it clear that Posy was a dissapointment for her. Much to everyone's surprise, Sophie punch her because of that. Yes, not because of how bad she treated her, not because of she took her dowry, but because Araminta didn't treat her daughters equally.

And I could assure you, since then, Sophie was Benedict, as much as he was hers.

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Book Summary: It's in His Kiss (Bridgerton Series) - Julia Quinn

It's in His Kiss is Julia Quinn's seventh book of the Bridgerton Series. This book tells the story of
Hyacinth Bridgerton, the youngest of 8 Brigerton childrens.

As the youngest of all, Hyacinth is a little too smart, a little too outspoken, and ofcourse hated (in a good way) but truely loved by his brothers and sisters.. Hyacinth is Lady Danbury's favourite.
No one knew how Hyacinth can handle Lady Danbury. Lady Danbury is known for her sharp opinion on almost everything! But she is Hyacinth's role model, and Hyacinth adores her.

One of Lady Danbury's wish is to make her grandson, Gareth St Clair married Hyacinth. Both are her favourites, ofcourse it will be lovely to have them married.
Gareth is not in a good relationship with his father, Lord St Clair. He once forced into marrying a not-smart girl, Mary Wrotham, who was not quite right in head. Turned out that his father needed money, and he can't let his older son marrying Mary. So it is time for Gareth, his useless son, to be useful. Mary's father will give him money if Gareth married her right away. Gareth decided he can't bear it any longer, and he went away. Since then, the tons would never found a party attended by both of them together. Either one of them will appear.

Gareth's brother, Richard, passed away. And he also found out the reason why his father hated him is because he is not a St Clair. Her mother pregnant while his father is away, and so no one knew who's son he was. However Lady Danbury, her mother's mother, loved him, and supported him, so he could rent a small bachelor house, and able to attend parties of the season.

Each tuesday, Hyacinth will come to Lady Danbury's house, to read novels for her. In my own opinion, the novels they read seems silly :p
And sometimes Gareth dropped by to his grandma's residence. Hyacinth found out how he's devoted to his grandma, and started to like him.

Until, one day, Richard's wife come to Gareth, and give him a book, a diary of their grandmother. It was Richard's will to give it to Gareth if anything happened. The diary was in italian, so he went to Lady Danbury, and share the story to her. Hyacinth was there, and told them she understand a bit of italian as her governess taught her when she's young.

Then Hyacinth started to helped Gareth translated the diary. One day, Hyacinth found out that his grandmother hide a jewelry in St Clair House. She kept on translating, and sharing what she knew to Gareth. In the balls, or theathers, they sometimes talked about it, and making people curious that Gareth is courting Hyacinth. Violet, Lady Bridgerton, was happy finding out that they are close. She thought that her daughter will be a good match with Gareth.

Things happening, and both of them realized they have feelings towards each other. However, Lord St Clair made it certain to Gareth that he is no one, no title, and come from unknown father, and therefor is never a good match for Hyacinth. But love knows no reason, right?

They sneak into Lord St Clair house, trying to find the jewelry. First attempt, they only get a clue, that it was hidden there. They tried searching everywhere, but it was no where to be found.
One day, Hyacinth was reading a novel to Lady Danbury, and she come into this part of the novel

"If you want to know if a gentleman loves you,’ her
mother said, ‘there is only one true way to be sureIt's in his kiss."

And Hyacinth can't resist thinking of Gareth and his kiss. Does he love her?
Suddenly the buttler said that a visitor come for Miss Bridgerton. It turned out that the visitor is Gareth. Lady Danbury was quite surprised as Gareth usually just go right in..
Gareth proposed Hyacinth in front of Lady Danbury!
Gareth is finally engaged to Hyacinth. They were pleased, happy, excited..

One night, they went back into St Clair's residence to search for the jewelry. Another failed attempt. On the way back, they met Lord St Clair. Hyacinth was able to hide, so it's only Lord St Clair versus Gareth now. Lord St Clair manage to insult Gareth.. and Hyacinth heard it all.. She come into conclution that Gareth proposed her, not because of he loved her, but because he wanted to prove that his father is wrong.

Hyacinth won't meet Gareth. She's too upset.. But a chat with Violet, her mother, made her realize, she just simply love Gareth. She's in love.. She's a fool.. A fool in love!
On the other hand, Gareth has come to the conclusion that he must take action. Then the buttler announced that he has a visitor. It was Hyacinth! Using the excuse of the jewel search, Hyacinth come and seek her. At first they talked about it.. till Gareth realize, Hyacinth has something he wanted.. She knew where she belongs. Truth is he just loved her because of herself. So he told her the story of him and his father. How he's not his father's son. Buth Hyacinth, as lovely as she is, loved him, not because of his title. She won't care if he is with a title or not.
Things are going back to it's place. Hyacinth and Gareth are together again..
But they have some mysteries to solve.. Gareth's true father.. and the Jewel.. What will come next? :D

Book Summary: When He was Wicked (Bridgerton Series) - Julia Quinn

When He was Wicked was the story of Francesca (the sixth children of Bridgerton).

Francesca is happily married with Earl of Kilmartin, John. John was a very nice gentleman, who has an older cousin, Michael Stirling. Michael was older, but his father was a younger brother of John's, so the Earl position was given to John. However they both are so close, so that Michael doesn't care about it. He never jealous of John, until, John married Francesca.
It was hard wanting a wife of your beloved brother. But, Michael manage it, becoming a very good friend of Francesca, telling her wicked stories.

One night, John was feeling a bit unwell, while Francesca wanted a walk. So Michael accompany her walking outside. When they comeback, they found John passed away. The grief was too much to bear for both of them. There were many things to handle, and Michael was appointed as the next Earl of Kilmartion. But then, they found that Francesca is carrying John's seed. So, while the tons waiting for her son/daughter, Michael will have to take the position of Earl of Kilmartin.

Several days after that, Francesca miscarriage. She was becoming deeper in grief. Michael, can't stand it all, and decided to stay as far as he could from her. Francesca could not understand, why she had to lose John, then their child, then her best friend, Michael. She confronted Michael. Michael saw her, and his passion to her was to much to bear, and so he asked Francesca to leave. Then, he left London, and went to India. So Francesca had to take care of Kilmartin.

Until four years later, Francesca decided it is time for her to end her mourn, and to find a husband for her own. She went to London to attend the next season. At the same time, Michael is back at London.
Without knowing, they both stayed at Kilmartin house, and finally when they saw each other, Francesca decided it is better for her to stay at her mother's place.

However, Michael was sick, malaria. And Francesca is the only one that can help. Each and every day, she visited him, taking care of him, and make Lady Bridgerton (Violet) curious. Janet and Helen (John's and Michael's mother) finally arrived at Kilmartin House, they are considered chaperone, so Francesca could move back into Kilmartin House.

From that moment, Michael started to realize, he still in love with Francesca. He can't bear knowing Francesca is finding new husband. Things happening, Michael kissed Francesca, and so Francesca run away from London, back to Kilmartin, while Michael staying at London, drinking, griefing that he can't have her, why he did that silly thing, causing their friendship in the edge again. Colin Bridgerton, had to intervere, and asked why Michael doesn't married her instead as there are no such law forbid them.

Michael went back to Kilmartin, her childhood-house. All the memories of John come through him.. But he knew he had to marry Francesca.. He can't live without her, as much as she can't live without him.. But John? Will memories of John affect their marriage? And there is still the problem of Michael's malaria. Could they live happily ever after?

Book Summary: The Viscount who Loved Me (Bridgerton Series) - Julia Quinn

The Viscount who Loved Me is the second book from Bridgerton Series..
Julia Quinn did impress me with how she manage to collaborate all her books, and relate between one and others.

Anyway, this book is about Anthony, trying to find a wife..
If you recall, on the first book, Lord Bridgerton (Edmund - the father) passed away when all his children are still small.
However, Anthony, being the first kid, felt that he has a deeper bond with his father. Seeing how his adorable, lively, strong father passed away because of bee's stung, made him realize, his life will also ended young. Therefor, he decided not to love anyone. He saw how his mother, Lady Bridgerton (Violet) had to bear losing a person she care most, a person she loved most.

One day Anthony decided it is time to find a wife, and fulfill his duty as a viscount, to have children. The brightest young debutantee at the moment was Edwina Sheffield. Eighteen, smart, blond hair, blue eyes and lovely face, she will be a very good Lady Bridgerton. And most important, he will  respect her, but not love her.

However, all the tons knew that if one wants to marry Edwina, he shall pass her sister's, Kate. Kate was Edwina's step-sister. Both live together with Edwina's mother, Mary. Due to their economic condition, Kate must wait until Edwina's reaching the age of 18 and debuted together in London's season.

Kate simply hate Anthony. For goodness sake, He was a well-known rake. His reputation is so bad, that she can't resist having him in her presence. However, Colin (The third son of Bridgerton), naughty as he is, lied to Anthony and said how Kate adored him. And Colin simply dragged Anthony, and introduced both of them. After several conversation, Anthony realized how Kate hate him.

When Anthony visitted The Sheffield's residence, he brought three roses, one for Mary, one for Edwina, and one for Kate. This simple act touched Kate's heart. No one has ever given her flower. She's usually behind Edwina's shadow. But, she also realize, this prove how good Anthony is in influencing ladies, and that indeed he is a rake.

Several things happened, and Anthony realized how he can't removed Kate from his mind.
Violet, Lady Bridgerton, knew that Anthony had interest in Edwina, and so she invited the Sheffields to Aubrey Hall. During their visit there, Kate and Edwina found how bad the Bridgerton could be when they play Pall Mall. How one try to beat others, and ofcourse, in fun ways.

Also, one time, Kate was out with Anthony, and she decided to told him that she approved him courting Edwina. She realize, deep down, Anthony is a good and loyal man. However, a bee stung her. Anthony still can't get the image of his father's death by a bee's stung, and tried to remove the bee's potion from Kate. They were caught in a questionable position, which lead to the decision of Anthony marrying Kate in the next week.

Since the beginning, before the marriage, Anthony told Kate clearly that he can be a good loyal husband, he will give everything Kate wanted, except one. He can't loved him.
On that moment, Kate realized she loved him, and can't lived without him. Their journey was just started, will Kate be able to remove the bar that Anthony set from them? Will Kate able to stick in a love unreplied?

Friday, 20 May 2011

Book Summary: To Sir Philip, With Love (Bridgerton Series) - Julia Quinn

This book is the 5th book of 8 Bridgerton Series writen by Julia Quinn..
Another lovely historical romance, with the setting mainly in London, around early 1800.

Let me begin with introducing our heroine:
Eloise - the 5th children of Lady Bridgerton (Violet), warm, friendly, chatty..
Philip Crane - Husband of one of Eloise's far cousin, Marina, who just recently passed away..

It all begin with a letter..

Marina passed away at February 1823. Eloise wrote a comforting letter to Philip, offering her deepest condolences, without expecting any reply.. But ofcourse, the manner requires Philip to reply..
His reply, accompanied by a simple red campion flower (Silene dioca), a wild flower that Marina like, surprise Eloise.. She can't ignore how Philip mentioned the flower's name, and asked on her reply, whether Philip is love botanical..

And so the correspondence begin..

Until.. Eloise received a letter, or an invitation to be precise, from Philip, to go to his place, the Romney Hall. He's saying that Eloise and him could determine whether they will be fit, and that Eloise might want to be his wife..

Eloise, being Eloise, can not resist her curiousity. She decided to run, whithout any chaperone, and went to Romney Hall.
Philip, being surprised, was forced to accept her. However, it was him, who invited Eloise.

Philip's children, Amanda and Oliver Crane, do not like her presence. They did some tricks to her. But ofcourse, living with other 7 Bridgerton, Eloise is able to make a sweet revenge. Until, one of their tricks make Eloise fall, and injured her leg and face..

During these, Eloise gets to know, how Philip was never in a good relation with his children. He doesn't even know that his kids are able to swim. Simply said, Philip doesn't know how to be good father, as he do not have a good model from his father. And how he blamed, not his child, not his father, but himself..

Anthony, Benedict, and Gregory come, with a rush and rage. They thought Eloise did another silly things.. And they only offer one solution.. Eloise and Philip have to get married..
They will, ofcourse, but not without proper courting, and it means involving both Amanda and Oliver..

After the marriage, there are several things revealed, on Marina's death, Philip's deepest feeling, his kids' need, and ofcourse their brittle relationship.. These has to be taken care by Eloise, who's learning to be patient.. Eloise.. Patient? Can she? :)

Book Review- Bridgerton Family Series by Julia Quinn

I read different genre of book. I have many favourite author. Julia Quinn is one of them, who i enjoy her words, and how she make connection between her books. Her book will be in historical romance genre.

One of my favourite Julia Quinn Collection is the Bridgerton Family Series..

Lady Bridgerton has total 8 children. Her husband, Lord Bridgerton passed away because of a bee' stung him.. Not a fancy way to die! And during the mourning, Lady Bridgerton (or Violet) found out that she's pregnant.. The Brigerton was famous for their appearance. They are wealthy, well-known, and you can't missed the girl's beautiful faces, or the man's handsomeness (if that even a word)..

List of the Children (and the Book list):
*Click on the title to find a sneak peak of the story
1. Anthony (Book 2 - The Viscount who Loved Me)
2. Benedict (Book 3 - An Offer from a Gentleman)
3. Colin (Book 4 - Romancing Mister Bridgerton)
4. Daphne (Book 1 - The Duke and I)
5. Eloise (Book 5 - To Sir Philip, With Love)
6. Francesca (Book 6 - When He was Wicked)
7. Gregory (Book 8 - On the Way to the Wedding)
8. Hyacinth (Book 7 - It's in His Kiss)

One of the pleasure reading these series is how Julia Quinn managed to trap me into this illution of the warmth and joy becoming one of the Bridgerton Family.. They might seem playing around with Violet, their mom, but for sure they all love her. I also adore how the eldest son, Anthony, showed how he manage to run the family, show his strength and capability as the head of the family. The three elder brother, Anthony, Bennedict, and Colin, reminds me of brothers that i wanted.. Although they aren't good at showing it, they are full of love, taken their pride of their sisters, will definetly fight for their sister's honor. Each one of the Bridgerton, have a warm soul, lovely in their own characteristic, and at the end, ended with good, passionate spouse.. Well, that's what fictions are for, i guess..

It's been a pleasure for me reading these books again, I have re-read 5 of them in these 3 days   6 of them in 4 days  7 of them in 5 days (just realize one copy is missing), and will had write the story line and a bit of my opinion for each books when i have time in front of computer and link it afterwards

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Happiness in the Middle of Exams

My exams in NTU are going to end soon!!

Tomorrow is my exam for Water treatment.. And I haven't study..
I should study as soon as possible.. :)

Just want to do a quick update..

There are two fun things happenning lately..
  • Kina's show in SF is live-streamed by Glenn and Ron.. They're awesome..
They got some trouble with the internet, but they tried their best to make it work..
I can't catch up the whole show, just manage to see Imaginary Friends' only :((
I have to study.. Oh well.. NEXT TIME!!
  • Jubilee Project did a live-stream as well.. (In the same time as Kina)
Tried to ask them the question for where does the money from merch selling goes to.. Didn't get answer though :(
I hope it goes for some good organisation as well :)
  • My UK Visa is approved...!
So happy..! I was worried because I'm a student (unemployed), and I heard that it was hard to get a visa if you're unemployed.. I think God's grace was over me.. I'm blessed! :)
Up next is the Germany visa.. Yayyyy..

That's all for today.. Good night! <3

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Memories from my 17th Birthday Party

I finally found the CD that contained some of my 17th birthday party photo..

If there is a bitter sweet experience i think this definetly is..  Will write more in detail later, but..

Meanwhile, enjoy the photo! :)

18th March 2006, Hotel Horizon, Semarang..
This is me..

This birthday party was planned in a rush, around 2 weeks before the date. My school has a fund-raising concert going on my birthday (March 17th), and I'm serving as vice comittee,  so the birthday has to be postponed one day.

The theme was "Zorro" and Basically we made it like a mexican theme, all the performers, clothes, and dances.. (Although I don't think my dress is colourful enough)

This is the dancers helping as as the "short-walking" before I entered the place..

At first the event organizer said that it will be awesome if the "Zorro" pull me up on the dancing.. I REFUSE it.. First, I barely knew the guy! Second, I realize, I'm heavy!! (Even though I am heavier now)..
By the way, look at the dancers' colourful outfit..!

Oh and I did mentioned about the concert before, right? This is the picture of some of the performers.. "Rising Star".. The concert was quite successful.. There were Bobby "One Way", Edward Chen, and these guys. One thing I learnt from that experience, artists are unique. Being a LO is NOT an awesome job..

Me and the "Rising Star"

Followings are the pictures of the attendees.. People who crossed my life.. :)

Me and My Teachers..
(Mr. Seno, Mr. Sam, Mr. Ungguh, Mr. Edy, Mr. Zaen, Mr. Dar, Mrs. Wiwik, Mrs. Tina, Mrs.. ... ?)

Me and My Classmates (XII IPA 1)

Me and LifeTv Crew

 Me and My Friends (thanks for helping me out!! They dance for the party..)

And.. At last..
Me and my big family <3
Yes-Gres-Felix-Tir-Anne-Mom-Dad-Ayi Ling2-Abo-Uncle Gandhi-Adri-Ot

My little cousin, Anaya <3

My lovely sister <3

My family <3

Lesson learned:
As i mentioned, I'm not really a party-girl type. I still felt sorry for "forcing" my parents to held this party.. All i could say, this is one un-nessesary thing, which make me happy AT THAT TIME, but after a few days, no happiness left..

Why I fell bad:
  • I had people who barely even knew me in school asking for the invitation card, just because it's held in a hotel!
  • I had people leaving when they know the party is not a party with loud music etc!
  • I had my self fell bad knowing that the church service at that time lacking personels at the camera team because they're either coming at my party or helping (working) at my party!
  • I felt disapointed at the EO for choosing certain performances (clowns at 17th birthday party?)which ended making my friends bored and complained.. (I did asked them to stop it before the situation getting worse.. I won't choose that as well if I knew it was that bad)
The EO was really helpful.. They offer cheap price.. They listened what I want, they come to my house..  They are new on the market, and I knew them from church, these guys are lovely. Maybe, it's just that I wasn't a party lover, and so my decision was not good enough..

The party COST A LOT! I felt bad at my parents as well, knowing how much money they have to let go :(
And.. my dad loses his expensive shirt on the hotel room!

Why I held a party?
I think, i just want to be exsist at that time.. The pressure of knowing friends who celebrated their 17th birthdays.. The pressure of feeling not-worthed if you're not celebrating it in a HUGE way.. And I think it's mostly because my own pride, wanted to prove that I can have a party? (I'm being silly)..
And so.. thats why i decided to held it.. :(

Lesson learned:
Always think twice...!
I love how my parents do not stopped me from choosing the bad decision like this, to make me learn how to choose wisely.. (I knew they might be looking at me anxiously knowing how much they spent for giving me such lesson)

Oh well.. I love my dad and mom, and my sister..

Ohhh.. And I realize.. I do love more private celebration.. Dinner with friends you really care about are much better than parties.. :D

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Jubilee Project - A World Without Moms: Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day!!

As Indonesian, I celebrated mother's day on Dec 22nd. However, here in Singapore, i found out that people celebrate Mother's day on May!! And it turned out that second sunday in May is celebrated as the international mother's day.. :)

So, I think I'll celebrate Mother's day twice.. I love my mom, and i personally think she deserves more than two days :D

For this special day, The Jubilee Project launch a new video, titled Jubilee Project - A World Without Moms: Happy Mother's Day. You could watch it here..

Till now (May 5th, 2011), for each view there will be ONE cents donated to Every Mother Counts.
Did you know that ONE woman dies every 90 SECONDS from complication of pregnancy? 90% of the death are preventable. It means, with enough money, the death rates can be reduced. Every Mother Counts is an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health. Their main goal is to improve the lives of girls and women worldwide. More info on this organization can be found at www.everymothercounts.org.

I saw this video, and I remembered my mom.. As you might know, or you might not know.. My sister and I live in Singapore, and my parents live in Semarang (Indonesia). We'll need a two hour flight to see each other. We sometimes called, or use facebook messages, or msn to keep ourself updated with whats going on here and there.. Thank God for internet!
My mom is a strong woman. She's my role model. She's not perfect, but she's cute, funny, and adorable. I love her, for being her :)
I'll see my mom in May!! YAaaaaayyy.. :) And we might tour to Europe together :)
I love my mooommmm <3

P.S. I love my daaaaad as well <3

P.S.S. I love my sister as welllll <3

Haha.. I love my family, I'm so blessed :)

About Jubilee Project

The Jubilee Project makes videos for a good cause. They are Eddie Lee, Jason Lee and Eric Lui - 3 dreamers trying to change the world.

By watching their videos, we're actually taking a part in donating, changing the world and ofcourse helping others..
So, share the news, share the links..

Oh, and you can be the donator also.. Just sign up here!
Donator agrees to give a cent for every viewer watching a certain video. And, if you're a student who have limited amount of money (like me), you could put a cap on your donation, for example, maximum $30, etc.. It's up to you! :)

Follow their twitter, @JubileeProject! And also on TheJubileeProject's facebook!!

Anndddd... they sell new t-shirt... "Doing Good is Contagious". http://www.jubileeproject.bigcartel.com

The t-shirt goes something like thisssss...