Thursday, 28 March 2013

How my dry skin becomes a little bit healthier

So.. My face was super duper dry, and i had dry so much products..

From Loreal's Hydrafresh All day hydration aqua essence (which sting, and make my face felt so hot), Olay Regenerist Micro-sclupting cream (which did not sting too much, but i didn't see any effect on the dry skin), Clinique Moisture Surge Extended (which sting too, so i stop it after a week or so), and at the end, bodyshop's product. I had to say, bodyshop's doesn't sting at all, but it doesn't cure my super dry-sensitive skin.

Anyway, I almost give up and planning to visit a doctor. Yea, i am that worried!

Then i stumbled upon Singapore's groupon promotion..
SGD68 for 90 minutes signature facial in Aster Spring (they say it worth around SGD 160).. 
I know it's kinda expensive! Well atleast, back in my hometown in Indonesia, i can get decent facial with just around SGD30. 

Oh, I did check reviews on Aster Spring, and i found some nice comments on and some other blogs. Aster Spring was formerly known as Leonard Drake.
I knew they have branch in Clementi mall, which is so near. So I called them, explained i have a groupon deal and tried to make appointment.
Usually when there is a groupon coupon for a place, it's gonna be hard to make an appointment with them.

Maybe i am lucky, i called them on tuesday, then i got appointment for thursday.
After fixing time, then i proceed with purchasing the groupon coupon.

Anyway, on Wednesday, they called me to remind me on the appointment. (like!)

My appointment is at 11am. I came slightly early (I took half day leave for this!), and they're still closed.
But at 11:02 (said my watch), there was a lady on the receptionist desk. So i told her that i was there for my facial. She asked me for the groupon print out and my IC. Then she told me to wait for a while at the sofa.
After that, she gave me one lengthy questionaire. I filled what i think my skin has.. Like how dry it is, what products i wore, how many water, softdrink, coffee/tea i drink each days, etc. 

Then the therapist run the questionaire down, and explain to me that it seems that i had a sensitive skin (which is obvious for me), and told me i didn't drink enough water. Well, i drink almost or around 2 L water everyday, but i drink atleast a cup of softdrink (who can ressist Heaven&earth or pokka's green tea!) or a cup of coffee a day. So she said it is not enough, for every cup of softdrink or coffee or tea, you'll need to drink at least 6 cups of water, and we still need the 2 L water.. Woah!

Then she proceed using somekind of UV lamp (i assume) and explained what she saw. Like some redness on the cheek due to sensitivity or dryness, i can't remember. Some white spot due to dusts. Then some spots due to UV from sun. And so on. Then she told me she'll do ultra sensitive treatment.

I purposely didn't use any make up that day! So after changing my clothes with their tubes, we started the facial. She with cleansing my face, then do some exfoliation, and some more cleansing. Then she put on the steam (it was not too hot, thank God). Then another colleague of her did the extractions. It was not too painful, but i don't really have much whiteheads/blackheads, and i do have high pain tolerance.

After that she put some cold cream, and using a cold metal (?) thing to rub my skin. Then she sprayed a somekind of mist. Then she put the mask, and left it for sometime. Not sure how long she left it. I manage to get short nap!Next, she put the serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Then ofcourse, there is the selling part. She told me some products that she would suggest. She suggested the ultracalming serum concentrate, the ultracalming mask, and one more thing which i forgot. She also offered the package promotion, but their cheapest promotion is $888, so i firmly said no to the therapist. 

I like how the therapist keep her friendly attitude, even after i said no. I thought i kinda like the whole facial thing, and my face does look better! So i asked her, if i will take one of the product, which will she recommend most. If i remember correctly, the product price is $65, $80ish, and $100ish. She told me she'll reccomend the serum concentrate. So i go and purchase that one. 
It was around $80. Expensive, right? :( I was desperate for my skin!

Then when i went out for lunch, my friend say my face looks waaaaay better, shiny is the term she used. I'm so happy!
The facial effect lasted around 3 days, then it wasn't that shiny. 

I guess aster spring's facial is good when you want some facial improvement boost.

Oh, and the product, i happily report that it works fine for my skin! My skin is not dry/ peeling anymore, it looks way healthier. But maybe i won't get a new tubes, as $80ish is quite a lot of money to burn! 

Atleast i'll put this post, and thank Asterspring (Clementi Mall, Singapore) for their nice treatment, even with my groupon deal, and not buying any promotion. Kudos! 

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